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  PC Advisor. 17:10 15 Apr 2005

Hi folks,

We're noticing that quite a few companies are trying to make a bit of extra money by charging consumers for 'options' that really ought to be supplied as standard with a new PC.

Some companies charge £40 for a 'backup' CD that'll allow users to reload their software.

We've also noticed some companies drastically upping their delivery rates on Superbudget PCs.

Just wondering if anybody had experienced this issue of 'hidden extras' and whether they'd like to share them with us as a basis for a feature in the magazine?


  Kate B 17:55 15 Apr 2005

I've got a Voodoo PC on order and I did wince a bit at the delivery charge, which is C$290 - I know it's a delicate item and it's coming from Canada but I bet DHL wouldn't charge quite that much ...

If you use this, btw, can I just be "a forum member", please?

  stalion 19:56 15 Apr 2005

is this post bona-fidi and if so why has it not come from the F.E.?.

  stalion 21:20 15 Apr 2005

Thanks, been on this forum for a year first time iv'e seen this heading

  stalion 21:24 15 Apr 2005


  futurhead 21:56 15 Apr 2005

kinda related cti direct have added a charge for using a credit card on online orders. i cant see it on their site and i only know because they didn`t have what i ordered so i got a call.when i changed the order and paid the extra the sales guy slipped in at the end i would be charged for using my credit card.a sneaky way of displaying low prices .

  bremner 22:49 15 Apr 2005

Tiny are without doubt one of the serial offenders.

In the very small print on their adverts - missed by many - stating additional costs for Recovery CD's and leads for bundled printers.

  sidecar sid 23:06 15 Apr 2005

The Tiny website states"A patented recovery reload pack is an invaluable tool that enables your PC's operating system and preloaded software to be restored to the original factory settings. This is particularly useful since Microsoft's decision not to supply a Windows CD with any new PC"
I wasn't aware that Microsoft manufactured PC's.

I can configure and buy a new PC from many sources,for example

click here

And have a windows CD supllied with it if i so choose,

  jack 11:03 16 Apr 2005

You will see no doubt in the fulness of time see
a very tempting price given against an illusatration of smart case, and in the small print
'Contents not included'

As regards charging extra for leads this needs stamping on. Understandable if buying a printer
a fair assumption being that it is a replacement
and all connexions being in existance .
But selling a 'Bundle' with leads extra is totally

  Pooke100 11:48 16 Apr 2005

I hate the fact that you don't get a usb lead with your new printer. PCWorld charge a whopping £14.99 for one. If Epson, Lexmark and Canon to name a few put one in every box, I am sure they'd cost little to make, then hiked up the price of the printer by £2 to be fair they still would be making profit!

Anonymous please.

  Stuartli 12:58 16 Apr 2005

USB and other cables cost from around £1.50 upwards from specialist companies such as Maplins and CPC or computer fairs.

Even a humble Scart lead is under £2 upwards at Tesco - check what computer and TV retailers sell them for....:-)

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