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  odelay123 15:06 24 Apr 2009


Looking to get a new pc in the near future.

Would the following be good enough to run 3/4 applications at the same time without any slowdowns? I would mainly use. Photo suite, internet, Skyanytime and music.

Intel 2 duo e7400 (2.8ghz - 1066mhz - 3mb cache)
3072mb memory.

Will be buying from dell so can always top up.

Basically would upgrading memory to 4096mb memory give a much better system? Or upgrade processor?

At the minute my system is a pentium 4 3ghz and 512k memory so I assume any system I get will be much more impressive - or does the vista system use up alot more memory etc?

  Si_L 17:46 24 Apr 2009

Vista does use up more memory and processing power but that PC will easily handle the tasks you listed. Will it have a graphics card too?

  user8 20:48 24 Apr 2009

Adding more RAM would help 4GB+ would be better.
Vista eats RAM, even more so with more than 1 application running.

  canarieslover 21:03 24 Apr 2009

Having recently 'upgraded' from a 2.8ghz p4 on XP Pro to a Q6600 on Vista my comment would be "Don't expect a quantum leap in performance". Yes, it is better running multiple apps but I think that Vista kills a lot of the potential of the system. i have turned off all the 'bells & whistles' so to look at my system it does not seem really different to XP. I am probably going to get another hard drive and put a clean install of XP on it if I can locate all the necessary drivers. I will then be able to really compare the difference a bit more accurately. At the moment I would say that you would probably notice as much difference if you increased the memory on your current machine.

  odelay123 21:22 24 Apr 2009

Cheers guys.

Si_L, Yes I will probably go for the 256mb radeon 3650 graphics card.

From the info provided I will probably get 4gb of ram. Canarie, I need my antivirus upgrading and will probably get a tv tuner so may just go for the new desktop.

cheers all

  gazzaho 23:19 24 Apr 2009

If you're planing on using Vista 64bit as opposed to 32bit then more memory might give better performance, If you're going to use 32bit then 3GB is about right. A 32bit system can only access 4GB total ram, this includes graphics ram, so even if you have 4GB installed it won't all be used. I myself have 4GB installed on my Vista 32bit machine with a 1GB GeForce 9800 X2 graphics card and the CPU Usage Sidebar gadget reports 3070MB Total ram fitted click here, with the ram on the graphics card taking the place of 1GB of system ram.

Fitting the additional 1GB may not give the performance increase you may expect.

  Kevscar1 02:52 25 Apr 2009

If you are going to be watching films then you need a better graphics card

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