PayPal referral to collection agency

  robertallen2 10:40 03 Jun 2008

Good day. I think I might be in trouble, and I'm pretty much scared right now: a few months ago, I used PayPal to pay for en Ebay purchase of about $300. The seller received the money but after two weeks the money still hadn't been withdrawn from my bank account. My PayPal account status said everything was well and paid so I didn't think much about it eventually.

Now about a month ago I started using another email address because my old one was flooding with spam (hotmail :( ) and when I logged in again this morning to see what was up there were several PayPal emails, the last of which told me this:
"We have made several attempts to contact you regarding your PayPal acount. According to our records, you have not yet added the funds necessary to bring your balance to at least zero.
At this time, we are reviewing your account for potential referral to a collection agency. This action could result in your PayPal account being locked. This is our final attempt to contact you.
You must add funds to your account and bring the balance to at least zero immediately. To add funds to your account:1. Log in to your PayPal account. etc"

It won't be three weeks until salary comes and I don't have that kind of money lying around. Does anyone have any idea what might be the next choice of action? Will they take my furniture? :(

  spuds 11:34 03 Jun 2008

First you mention $300, so can I assume that you are from the USA or perhaps made a purchase from the USA.

What I would suggest is for you to contact 'by telephone' PayPal direct and immediately, so that you can sort the problem out. The contact number should be available direct from the PayPal website or your account. Do not respond to any links in any email that you have received, for security and protection reasons.It could be a scam.

The thing that I like is the instructions: "You must add funds to your account and bring the balance to at least zero immediately". Perhaps I am over reacting, but that would make me slightly suspect, especially if it provides a link for a response from you.

  dms_05 14:42 03 Jun 2008

I think you accept you haven't paid the money and Paypal is making a reasonable request for payment. If I was in this position I'd call Paypal and explain the position. Do it calmly. They will want their money but equally they should recognise that the problem maybe partly their fault. Offer to pay them on a certain date (or offer to part pay them - 50% now and 50% in 4 weeks type of thing). It's in their best interest to get paid and it's important they have a dialogue with you and built up a documented communications history.

Also note spuds comments about a scam, so call them and don't click on any links.

  The Brigadier 14:56 03 Jun 2008

As the others have said the comment "We have made several attempts to contact you regarding your PayPal acount. According to our records, you have not yet added the funds necessary to bring your balance to at least zero".

Does not sound correct, suggest you contact PayPal BEFORE sending any money!

  rdave13 17:35 03 Jun 2008

Something doesn't sound quite right here. Maybe PayPal have dropped a clanger.
Usually PayPal insist on two accounts for payments. The primary will be your Bank account and the secondary, or backup, will be something like your Credit card account.
Now if you lapse to update your credit card details, on receiving a new card, then payments default to e-cheques. This means that PayPal will take eight to ten days to clear the funds from your Bank account for payment to the seller.
Seems PayPal messed up here as originally you stated you had the funds.
I'd log on to your account and contact them via their secure email service to ask what is happening and why they failed to take the funds when originally in your account. Be polite as they have an excellent service to help out with the problem.

  rickf 16:12 04 Jun 2008

Its possible that this is a scam; a phishing excercise. As said check with PP by phone as it seems your 1st transaction of $300 went thru.

  mrwoowoo 00:21 05 Jun 2008

There are scams of this nature regarding Paypal.
Also they seem legitimate.As said,don't click a link but log into your Paypal account in the usual way.
Does your account still show the money has been taken?
It should have been taken out of your bank account regardless of whether there was enough in your Paypal account or not.
Did you recieve the item?
"My PayPal account status said everything was well and paid"
Looks like a hoax to me.

  mrwoowoo 00:31 05 Jun 2008

My wife has just reminded me that when you join Paypal you have to give your telephone number for security reasons.
I would imagine that they would have contacted you by phone if it was genuine.
Also they would have to advise you of the fact of their actions, in writing ,in regard of sending the baliffs in.

  dms_05 08:29 05 Jun 2008

Telephone Paypal and ask what's going on. Do it by voice rather than by email. If it's genuine then talk to them about resolving the problem. They want a solution just as much as you do.

  FatboySlim71 23:00 06 Jun 2008

Does the email, address you by your Paypal username or by Dear Paypal customer (or similar)?

If its the latter then I would definitely say that its a scam/spoof email.

I have received several spoof emails supposedly from Paypal which were indeed fake.


  rdave13 23:29 06 Jun 2008

Sorted yet?

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