Paypal or Nochex

  mulva42 13:22 26 Apr 2005

Im considering joining Ebay what is the advantages and disadvantages with both Nochex and Paypal, I believe Paypal charge to withdraw money from your account,Im undecided as what one to go for,does anyone have a quick opinion on both?

Many thanks for your time..


  g0slp 13:30 26 Apr 2005

Don't know about Nochex, but it doesn't cost you anything extra if you buy using Paypal; they charge a commission from the seller.

Hence, I use Paypal for buying, but not selling.

  mulva42 14:05 26 Apr 2005

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....looking at paypal just now, they charge 3.4% + £0.20 GBP for seller transactions. and Nochex is Only 2.6% plus 20 pence per transaction. both seem to have a free charge for withdrawing anything over £50, It looks as though im swaying towards Nochex at this moment as the withdrawing of money is faster also 3-4 working days compared to Paypal which is 5-7.
I have heard of people getting spoof emails from Paypal but dont know if you are open to the same threat on Nochex...
Thanks g0slp for your reply


  g0slp 16:01 26 Apr 2005

No problem.

It wouldn't suprise me if there are spoofs about Nochex too, but Paypal seems to be the dominant payment method here in the UK, so possibly the scam merchants aren't bothering yet...

I get regular spoofs from <Barclays, HSBC, Citibank et al> anyway; none of which fine financial institutions I have accounts with anyway; such stuff goes straight into the electronic 'round file'.

I wouldn't let the threat of spoof bother you; they're pretty obvious as NO reputable business is going to ask you to confirm details in such emails anyway.

  spuds 16:28 26 Apr 2005

Worth a browse. a little bit about PayPal and Nochex click here

  mulva42 17:46 26 Apr 2005

Interesting reading spuds thanks for the link.
oohh well looks like Nochex for me as a buyer and seller, thanks all for your imput..

  RJay 21:31 26 Apr 2005

I think you'll probably find that the majority of sellers on eBay use Paypal as opposed to Nochex, I have accounts with both but have only used Nochex once or twice in fifty plus transactions.

  pj123 21:45 26 Apr 2005

I don't use either. I always pay by personal cheque. Most sellers will accept cheques, (OK so you might have to wait a bit until the cheque clears) if they don't then I don't bid. I have not had any problems so far.

  mulva42 10:40 27 Apr 2005

Cheque seems to be the way to go too. maybe it wont do any harm including all 3 options when I buy and sell..thanks for the info you have given.



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