PayPal - a new worry

  jack 15:23 19 Nov 2010

I must confess I am a little bit leery about PayPal[ but then you are aware I am sure that I feel the same way about Online banking]

Who recalls in the early day of PayPal you submitted your bank detail- they in turn made a few pence deposit[which you were at liberty to keep]to affirm a genuine active account.
Then in time they accepted Credit Cards- here I must say I was always in trouble with user name and password combination's which I never got right first time [Is that me or them?]
Then more recently when entering the CC detail a further panel came up confirming your card from your bank and asking for your account PIN- very dodgy to my way of thinking- So I organized my self a special low value card for online purchases-
With that I felt a little happier-
Now a new worry.
A week or so ago I made a purchase through Ebay/Paypal- put in the card detail and the transaction was approved or so I thought- a day or so later- I was asked to make a payment for the item- I have I thought- so I checked the card account - no such payment has gone through- So I completed and got the goods-
Now Wednesday day evening I made another EbAy purchse -PayPal said sign in - and it replied thank you -E-mail confirmation of Purchase and this morning Goods arrived.
No Credit Card Detail required
So that says they are keeping my credit card live on their database doesn't it?
Very suspect I feel.

  rickf 16:43 19 Nov 2010

I think something is wrong with your set up. PP never takes money from me until I have logged into my account and confirm payment.

  spuds 18:00 19 Nov 2010

" So that says they are keeping my credit card live on their database doesn't it?".

Perhaps I am missing something here.I thought that was always the case, or at least that how I pay virtually daily with PayPal transaction. Never had to provide a PIN and you shouldn't, but they have requested when setting up the account or upgrading the 3 digit number on the back of the card.

I have had sellers who have requested that I pay direct from my PayPal account instead of eBay/PayPal. But that is usually to save PayPal fees for the seller, and is perhaps less secure for the buyer?.

  Forum Editor 18:03 19 Nov 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  GaT7 18:24 19 Nov 2010

What exactly was this PIN they required? Could it be linked with a new credit card registration & validation? See click here;jsessionid=1yVDMGGp9PmNJ4hD2L5lxP806h3vsqyqpRT8sn4JpLgMykTJw38p!988619931?locale=en_GB&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=GB&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9014&t=solutionTab&ft=browseTab&ps=solutionPanels&solutionId=163500&isSrch=Yes, which may be the reason.

My bank account & credit card info (at least one card at a time) has been held by PayPal for the last 8 years. Never had a problem, or any kind of fraud. G

  GaT7 18:25 19 Nov 2010

Sorry, the PP link again click here. G

  jack 20:05 19 Nov 2010

Thank you Crossbow 7

  AlanHo 07:52 20 Nov 2010

I cannot read the posts in this thread
- the right side of the page is hidden by a
strip of vertical adverts.

The text panel seems to be wider than usual
- is this because a long link has been included
in a post by Crossbow7

The problem is confined to this thread
- other threads are showing OK.

  bremner 08:58 20 Nov 2010

Yes the problem is the link.

In the past the Forum Editor has deleted posts that cause this problem.

  jack 08:58 20 Nov 2010

Make a new subject with regard this - it is nothing to do with this topic, the site or my authorship.

  bremner 09:10 20 Nov 2010

It is entirely an issue with this thread, it is the link posted by crossbow7

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