Paypal Email Fraud

  ajm 10:14 10 Mar 2004

This morning I received an email supposedly coming from Paypal asking me to log in my account and confirm my Paypal details. Of course I did not log-in. Clicking the link in the email took me to a site that looked like Paypal, he onbly difference was the web address did not have the https://.

Anyone who uses Payal or Not , please be aware of this.

  sicknote 10:20 10 Mar 2004

Where's the link ????

  ajm 10:22 10 Mar 2004

the link is this

click here

  Alan Ryan 13:56 10 Mar 2004

I once was obliged to use the genuine Paypal to pay for goods I'd bought online. Found out later that my transaction involved more than simply
paying for the goods; I had also inadvertently opened an account with Paypal- which I did not want and which it took a lot of effort to get cancelled.

  anchor 14:19 10 Mar 2004

The site certainly looks authentic. It would be no surprise if people fall for it.

Surely the police should be able to locate the source of this site and shut it down. This assumes that it is in a country that obeys the rules.

  colberly 15:45 10 Mar 2004

I have just tried that link and it actually leads to the genuine paypal site if you click on the headings. Since I have an A/C with them I checked and double checked and found my details. No I didn't fill in the form on the page.

  colberly 15:51 10 Mar 2004

From the Paypal site.

Request for Personal Information: If we require information from you, we will notify you in an email and request that you enter the information only after you have safely and securely logged in to your PayPal account.

Often, fraudulent emails will request details such as your full name, account password, credit card number, bank account, PIN number, Social Security Number, or mother's maiden name.

  thisisnighthawk 16:16 10 Mar 2004

every member could fill it in with all sorts of made up information, should hold them up for a while :-))

  ch0pper 01:47 11 Mar 2004

We Britons don't wander round with Social Security numbers and 5-digit ZIP codes so the form is US-biased.

However, in the spirit of the game, I did fill in the form with a totally ficticious persona.

As I use PayPal for my eBay trading, I also sent the link to them.

  Forum Editor 07:09 11 Mar 2004

filling in this form with fictitious details. It achieves nothing, and you are simply adding to the vast amoumt of junk that's already circulating on the Internet.

If you suspect that something isn't quite right just leave it alone and get on with what you were doing. Life's too short for orchestrated attempts at revenge.

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