Paypal and Ebay query

  MAJ 21:49 16 Apr 2009

A mate has just phoned me for some advice and I'd like to find out for sure the correct response to give him.

He bought a couple of concert tickets on Ebay from a guy, he paid over the odds (£250 via credit card and Paypal) for the tickets because they were in high demand. The concert is on this Saturday and so far he has received no tickets and it looks (to me anyway) that he has been scammed. The tickets were originally bought, or so it's said, from TicketMaster. Any time I buy tickets from TicketMaster, they can be printed out straight away or downloaded as a PDF and printed at leisure.

Anyway, it looks like the tickets aren't coming, so he wants to get his money back, but so far no money has been returned even though the seller has remained in contact. He set up another account to have the money paid into that, still no luck.

As I personally do not like Paypal and would never use it, I'm not sure of it's intricasies, hence this post. Is there a Paypal mechanism to make it easy for him to get a refund, or should he approach his CC company for a refund? I have advised him that I'm almost sure his CC company will cover the cost as it's greater than £100. Any clarity on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

  Si_L 21:52 16 Apr 2009

Every time I have bought off Ticketmaster, they arrive between a week and a few days before the event.

  MAJ 22:04 16 Apr 2009

In that case, I can see that maybe the seller hasn't, or has just, received the tickets himself and there might still be a very slim chance that my mate will get the tickets, although Royal Mail would need to be pretty quick.

I would still like to know how he stands with Paypal/Ebay and the CC company with regards to a refund, if the tickets don't arrive by Saturday morning.

  Si_L 22:10 16 Apr 2009

I have been a victim of fraud through Paypal and they refunded the £500 that went missing, so I'm sure £250 won't be a problem. I'm not sure exactly how you would go about proving its a scam. Has he said he will send them recorded delivery?

I went to a Ben Harper concert a couple of years ago and the tickets turned up the day before, simply because they delay the dispatch of tickets until the last possible moment, and then of course it has to go through another party.

  MAJ 22:38 16 Apr 2009

"I have been a victim of fraud through Paypal and they refunded the £500 that went missing...."

Well that at least is good to know, Si_L. As to proof, I'm not sure, from his quick phonecall what proof he has.

  spuds 18:55 17 Apr 2009

PayPal will cover the sale via their protection plan. The credit card company will also deal with the matter, if they are notified (PayPal use to advice taking this CC notification option first. I believe PayPal have now changed their T&C about this now).

Remember though, that neither party will want to become involved until there is proof that the tickets were never issued, or used in the terms of the original arrangement.

  AL47 20:21 17 Apr 2009

i also got scammed 500 off ebay via paypal

i had a good feeling it was a scam, but knew id get my money back if it was,

i bid 500 cause at that time 500 was the limit, when i won it, i was imediatly suspicious, [was a buy it now offer]

paypal eventually refunded me, the seller claimed her account had been hijacked by lending its use to a so called friend

i said its your fault u lent it, paypal agreed, money back

was with a debit card too, just thought id share my story,
i only bid for expensive items via paypal

  MAJ 23:04 17 Apr 2009

Thanks for the responses guys. I'm waiting until postie time tomorrow morning, see if he brings the tickets, concert is tomrrow night.

  Zerogravity 00:27 18 Apr 2009

The only proof of posting that paypal accepts is if the seller can provide an online trackable number which will tell if the letter or packet has arrived at destination. If the seller has not sent the tickets by trackable means, the receipt he got when he posted the ticket (which is what sellers usually mean when they say they have proof of posting)is only useful for them to get their money back from the post office when a packet go missing, and has nothing to do with the buyer.
When an item go missing, the seller should give you your money back then claim at the post office to get their money back.
Some sellers are trying to claim the money at the post office first then refund you, but be aware that you have 45 days from the date of sale to open a Paypal claim, and there is the danger that the seller will try to string you along to get you pass the 45 days to avoid a refund.
If I was your mate, I would wait tomorrow to see if the tickets arrive, if not I would open a dispute with Paypal asking the seller for a refund, give the seller a week to give you a refund, if he doesn't escalade to a claim and let Paypal deal with the seller.
Do not let the seller entice you to cancel the claim, as you will not be able to reopen a claim on the same transaction again.
If the seller has not sent the tickets by trackable means, it is very likely that your mate will win a claim with Paypal and get his money back.
Though I heard some horror stories involving Paypal, I have never had any problems getting a refund from them for items not received if the sellers were trying to create problems.
Good luck.

  MAJ 10:23 18 Apr 2009

That's very useful information, if a little worrying though, as I think the tickets were bought as a Christmas present and I assume were paid for around that time, so 45 days has long since past. I will keep you informed as to whether the tictets arrive today or not.

  Zerogravity 19:04 18 Apr 2009

I hope you got the tickets and will have a good time tonight, but if you don't the only thing your friend has to get his money back if the seller doesn't want to give him a refund is through his credit card company.(Hopefully he has paid with a credit card.

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