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  Widows Son 03:22 18 Jan 2006

I bought a dvd from ebay which did not work properly - after trying unsucessfully to sort it out with the seller I lodged a complaint with paypal. They emailed me saying I "may" be entitled to a refund and told me to return item at my own expense & provide them with tracking number, which I did. Now with no explaination at all they've closed the case . Not only am I out the admittedly only £7 from the origional purchase I'm also out the postage back.

The seller has my money and his shoddy goods back which he could now resell on to some other poor punter!

Nowhere can I find an email address to complain.

Can anyone help

  SG Atlantis® 06:26 18 Jan 2006

click here

type paypal in there.

and on ebay leave the seller negative feedback!

  spuds 12:50 18 Jan 2006

Widows Son-- I am not being sarcastic in my remarks so please do not be offended in what I am going to say, but you have gotten away with a reasonable result.My reply will be in the form that your complaint is addressed to both eBay and PayPal. PayPal make a charge for dealing with disputes of approximately £15.00 so in other words you could have been in debt to PayPal had you used their services. Taking your case further, I was very surprised that PayPal/eBay had not informed you of their terms and conditions, which you should have known all about, after all, you did tick that little box (?) when you signed up for eBay/PayPal, didn't you.

eBay and PayPal (an eBay company), have an host of terms and conditions, which I would suspect that the average consumer would not understand or agree with, if they took time to read them. Trying to get any sense or help, from either company is a task of never ending circles.Nothing seems straight forward and easy.

If PayPal dealt with your problem as a dispute, and you want to take the matter further, then I suggest that you contact click here or telephone 0845 080 1800 for further advice, but expect long delays.If eBay dealt with your dispute, then you have no real contact for complaints, except with eBay themselves.On the amount of money that you are talking about, I would take the situation as a loss and learning curve.You could always give a negative feedback, but this may result in the seller returning likewise. At least you got some of your money back, others may not have received anything, even an email reply.Buying through Ebay requires certain skills, and in some stage of involvements things may or will go wrong. Always best to adopt the Buyer Beware attitude on any transactions.

Just to perhaps ease your problem, I am at presently going through a couple of 'incidents' with eBay, PayPal and sellers.

  PaulB2005 12:55 18 Jan 2006

Reason why i never buy anything on eBay Number 27.....

  rmcqua 13:00 18 Jan 2006

I have had (and am having) all sorts of problems with PayPal, trying to get them to recognize my previous flawless history that I had with them when I lived in the USA, and thereby give me validated status so that I can use the funds that I hold in credit with them.

  Widows Son 13:40 18 Jan 2006

SG your link was most useful - I've been able to contact them on 0870 7307191 - the geographic number was immediately answered then hung up - apparently the reason why they closed the claim was that I hadn't faxed the receipt for postage - I'd tried to do this on about a dozen occasions over several days but their number was unobtainable (I’d left a message on their site asking for an alternative number or an email address)– they have now given me an alternative fax number (0014025375760)

I’ll try again next week when I’m back in the office and I’ll let you know how I get on

  Stuartli 14:47 18 Jan 2006

I buy regularly on e-Bay - just use common sense and you won't go wrong, only save money...:-)

  PaulB2005 14:49 18 Jan 2006

Widows Son used his common sense and is down money!!

Never lost any money buying in shops. Often bought stuff cheaper in shops than on eBay.

  spuds 17:38 18 Jan 2006

Common sense doesn't come into it, when the seller commits and part succeeds in serious criminal activities, and eBay/PayPal do very little about it.

  PaulB2005 20:41 18 Jan 2006


  WiLL-A 22:40 18 Jan 2006

I sold an item on eBay with the buyer using PayPal as payment method.

Apparently the buyer was unhappy with their purchase (althought didnt inform me of this or go through the proper refund channels) instead they filed a fraud complaint saying their credit card had been used without authorization (in order to get their money back).

PayPal contacted myself asking for all information relating to the transaction which I did provide.

A couple of weeks later they debited my account and gave the buyer a refund. I contacted PayPal advising I had complied with them and that the buyer had never returned the items. Their (PayPal) response was that that I had not replied to PayPal's request for further information (which I had).

I am sickened and very annoyed with eBay & PayPal. I wil NEVER ever use PayPal EVER again. I lost out on both the money from the sale and also the goods themselves. PayPal dont want to know......Grrr

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