Paying more than it's worth! Nokia 6300

  lisa02 15:17 11 Dec 2007

My husband just bought one brand new & unlocked from Carphone Warehouse yesterday for £59.96.

I'm watching some ebay auctions heading towards the £90 mark and then adding P&P takes it even higher.


  xania 15:50 11 Dec 2007

Its remarkable how many people assume that everything on Ebay has to be a bargain. I've watched as people have bid well over the price of an identical item coming up a short while later with a 'Buy in Now' price. and most ignore the P&P price.

  Crash 16:10 11 Dec 2007

Yeah it always pays to check the prices on other websites before buying off ebay!

  LegoTestPilot 16:37 11 Dec 2007

It's only been out since early 2007, but it's deemed to be old already.
Bought my 6300 for £79 back in September.
And Christmas is the time to buy a phone when the deals are so good!

  lisa02 16:57 11 Dec 2007

sheesh, that old?

Just kidding.

  Totally-braindead 19:48 11 Dec 2007

The trouble is two-fold. Some people get carried away I suppose it must be the competitive spirit in us, you know what I mean " I must win it" syndrome. And the other thing is some people bid on something they like without any real knowledge of what the proper retail price is.
I used to see sunglasses for sale by JR (not important who they are or anything) but people used to pay £25-30 for them. I nearly bought a pair myself until I found out the proper retail price at that time was £16.99.
Clearly the people bidding didn't check that out.

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