Pay as you go broadband

  drew645 18:59 08 Jun 2009

Hope this is the correct forum!
I have a colleague,fairly basic computer knowledge, who goes online only occassionally.
He wants pay as you broadband for use at home, not mobile. Downloads would be very light, basically just surfing and email.
Is there any product where he could prepay for broadband and with no expiry date for usage? It would be something he could plug into his home phone socket, presumably a broadband modem would be supplied.(He only has a dialup modem at present!)
Unfortunately there is no cable or LLU in the area at present (Inverness)
Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated.

  Stuartli 21:41 08 Jun 2009

Presumably you didn't think to Google for such information?

click here

  interzone55 21:44 08 Jun 2009

I've had a quick search and the only PAYG broadband offers around are from the mobile providers and cost around £2 per day.

I'm pretty sure there used to be a PAYG ADSL deal though. I'll have another search...

  citadel 21:56 08 Jun 2009

vodaphone have a mobile package. you get a dongle for £39 then just top it up as you go, unlike other pay as you go deals it dosent run out after a month.

  interzone55 21:59 08 Jun 2009

To be fair, I did just that and couldn't find and PAYG land-line broadband offers...

  Stuartli 00:15 09 Jun 2009

You can, I believe, use mobile broadband deals with a desktop PC or laptop.

However, see:

click here (not heard of this one before)

click here (Plusnet offers)

  interzone55 10:10 09 Jun 2009

You are correct, as most mobile broadband deals involve a USB dongle, but the poster requested "not mobile" so I took that to mean land line, assuming the location, Inverness, could be a factor, but I may have mis-understood...

  wee eddie 12:07 09 Jun 2009

Unfortunately Home ADSL Broadband requires equipment to be installed at the Telephone Exchange, rather than just a Modem in your PC.

I doubt that it will be available as the set-up cost to the Provider and the collection of Charges would, very likely, be too high.

  Stuartli 13:54 09 Jun 2009

Which is why I've listed BT line PAYG broadband deals available.

In some instances, ISPs' setup charges are, indeed, remarkably high...:-)

  drew645 17:59 09 Jun 2009

Thanks to all for advice. I did Google, but ended up no wiser (though, as they say, better informed!)
I would have guessed there would be a demand for PAYG broadband for light users at home.However, the mobile dongle seems to be the way to go.

  gobroadband 22:06 22 Jun 2009

Hi. Just came across this forum. You have referenced my pay as you go broadband blog - click here - in the text further up so I thought I better jump in and provide some assistance.

There are two clear distinctions you need to make.

(1) Decide between broadband in a fixed location (home and work) or on the move. This will let you decide between payg home broadband and payg mobile broadband.

(2) Check your options - If you are running an Apple mac. Home pay as you go broadband will work on Apples (although technical service may be limited). If you are planning on using Pay as you go mobile broadband be a bit more careful; not all mobile broadband providers support Apple macs... unbelievable but true.

Hope the above helps. Leave a comment on my blog if you need clarification. Robin

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