Patriot 3440E, any useful comments please

  Portly 21:27 30 Mar 2005

The Patriot 3440E appears to be a very attractive update machine, but I know nothing of Patriot. Has anyone any experiences good or bad, and does anyone know this model please ?

  TomJerry 22:09 30 Mar 2005

if you are into games

  Portly 22:29 30 Mar 2005

Not a big games player, ( MS Flight Simulator and the like ). Mainly wanting to get up to date again from self build KT3 Ultra and XP 1.7. This machine seems to offer good value, 1024 RAM, 200Gbit Sata Drives, and digital tuner. No longer seems cost effective to build your own.

  james55 23:41 30 Mar 2005


It has never been cost effective to build your own computer, if all you want is a bog standard then if the specs suit, buy it.

However many times in the earlier days I would buy a computer and double the price in upgrades trying to get it up to my satisfaction without ever reaching it.

I now spend more building my computer, but it lasts longer and costs less in the long run.


  Portly 19:26 31 Mar 2005

Except for TomJerry's observations ref the Graphics card, I am not sure what additions / improvements that I could make to this unit. But I still know nothing about reliability etc.

More feedback most welcome please.

  slimbo51 19:37 31 Mar 2005

As James55 said, better to build your own.

You get only what you want and need, no daft splash screens, no restricted internet, local components easy to get replaced if not working.

Having worked on many mass produced machines in my time, the quality of in particular the M/Board, usually with limited Bios as well, is poor to be very polite.

Upgrading these machines can also be a nightmare as well, should you wish to do so at a later date.

Might well cost a bit more but as th saying does "You Get What You Pay For"

Good Luck In your Choice Anyhow.

  Portly 20:00 31 Mar 2005

The motherboard on this unit is an ECS SF2-M7, and does have limited facilities when compared with full ATX mobos. Have you any experience concerning quality >

  TomJerry 21:22 31 Mar 2005

so it is better to get a good g-card if you are going to do video-editing

I assume that you are going to do video editing, otherwise nnot much point to get PC such powerful

  Portly 22:07 31 Mar 2005

Video editing will be must.
Will the ATI Radeon 9250 256MB card cause problems for this, as well as games ?

  Portly 22:09 31 Mar 2005

Sorry... that should have been video editing will be a must.

  TomJerry 16:22 01 Apr 2005

I read in some computer magzines which says that video editing software use graphics card's 3D graphics engine for rendering. This is important if you put a lot of special transition and effects etc. If this is true, a better graphics card is more desireable becuase 9250 is in the bottom of current ATI graohics card.

You can change to a better card if you need it in future and the motherboard has AGP slot.

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