Parcelforce non delivery

  kevinjuan 20:06 11 Apr 2008

Recently placed an order for a few bits and bobs with Novatch. Order was processed and they sent me an email with Parcelforce tracking number. Fantastic service.

Logged on to Parcelforce, entered my parcel number and was surprised to discover that my parcel had been delivered. Wow! I am sat in my study, by the front door, and didnt hear a thing. Not even the doorbell, let alone a hard drive dropping through the letterbox. They even told me that I had signed for it. It must be magic.
Off the the sorting office next day to sort it out. 50 minutes later I was informed that it was delivered to the the wrong street in error( road name is not even similar)and left outside because no-one was in ( no signature, let alone mine).
Popped round to said address as it was on my way home. Occupier denies all knowledge!!
Back home, log onto Parcelforce, print off claim form and wonder what I am going to do with my free weekend now that I am not fitting a new Hdd and all that goes with it.
Just a rant to get it off my chest. Sorry.

  wee eddie 20:31 11 Apr 2008

Contact Novatech > Tell them of the non delivery > Until you have it, it's their responsibility > They will have to sort something out with Parcelforce.

Meantime you should be expecting them to send you a replacement > On the double > Do it all calmly with no shouting and you should have the replacement by Tues/wed.

  spuds 21:02 11 Apr 2008

Report the problem to Novatech. They are responsible, because they arranged the carrier service, and no doubt they have a contract and insurance arrangements with ParcelForce.

Novatech are a reputable company, and as wee eddie as mentioned, the replacement might be quicker than you think!.

  kevinjuan 22:13 11 Apr 2008

Thanks guys.

I have emailed Novatech as well.Their customer service department wont open again till Monday so my weekend is lost - well, perhaps a spot of gardening if the weather holds.

I have dealt with Novatech before and always found them to be great, so I hope to hear on Monday.

Its just nice to have a vent for my frustrations when things dont go to plan.

  kevinjuan 22:16 11 Apr 2008

FE, Thanks for moving this thread to where it belongs.

  rickf 10:16 12 Apr 2008

Parcelforce is proned to doing this ie leaving parcels on the doorstep and said signed for. I came home from work to find a parcel on the doorstep for me. Luckily, no one stole it. On tracking it later out of curiosity I discovered that it said signed too. Probably the driver being lazy. Good luck with your prob.

  thms 11:18 12 Apr 2008

I had a new motherboard delivered from Novatech on Friday. It had parcelforce packaging but the delivery man was not a parcelforce employee nor did he have a parcelforce van.

I was upstairs when he arrived and by the time I got to the door he was looking around the side of the building. Wonder if he was looking for somewhere to leave it?

I wonder if these items left on doorsteps are delivered by third party couriers?

  jimmybond 12:13 12 Apr 2008

I had a laptop which went away for a motherboard replacement last year, after being informed on the friday it had been fixed - and despite telling them (Rock) I was away on hoiday for a long weekend, wouldn't be back until Tuesday - so please don't deliver until then (which was noooo problem so i was told) - I got back Monday 11:30 pm to find a soggy cardboard box on my doorstep, containing said £1600 laptop. It had been left in full view of passers by, in the pissing rain all day.
disgusted with both couriers for doing this, and Rock, for failing to follow/pass on simple dispatch instructions.
what's to stop someone
a) just walking off with it
b) not that I would, but saying the above has happened anyway, and claiming. teach them not to do it again, so to speak!

  kevinjuan 12:17 12 Apr 2008

Thanks for all your comments.

I emailed Novatech Thursday pm and am waiting for a reply. I have bought from them before and have always found them to be fantastic.

I will contact them again on Monday and try to sort it out. I am sure they will be as helpful as ever.

As for my free weekend, I have washed and polished 2 cars this morning and now have to go food shopping! Oh what joy.


  jimmybond 12:25 12 Apr 2008

I think one of the most annoying things about couriers (apart from leaving £1600 laptops on your doorstep in the rain) is the fact they ALL seem to have no understanding of the fact that customers will often take valuable days off work, to wait for a delivery, which often never happens. None of them (or at least that's what I've found), have the courtesy to even bother to tell you they're not turning up.

Enjoy the free weekend anyway!

  spuds 13:03 12 Apr 2008

Off subject slightly, but the other week I had a delivery from Argos. Ordered the goods in-store, was provided with a day and morning or afternoon delivery slot.

Driver left the warehouse on day agreed (65/70 miles away from my home) with 23 deliveries before mine (and other deliveries after). He used his mobile, informing that he would be about an hour late due to delivery problems with earlier customers. True to his word, he arrived about the time he had suggested. Now thats top class service in anyones books, I would say. Considering that he had further deliveries before returning home, and time was running out on his tacho, I could only appreciate what a difficult job he had.

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