parcelforce manipulative,dishonest behaviour

  rickf 16:08 05 Feb 2009

Last week I had a laptop being delivered by PF24 before 9am service for which the charge was a hefty £43.No quarrels there. However,just before 9am I tracked it thru' their website and it said attempted delivery. I work from home from 8am and the doorbell did not ring neither was there a card left for me. Alarmed, I called PF HQ and was responded to by a polite lady who apologised and patched me thru' to the depot in West London. When i asked why this had happened as there was certainly something untoward going on she hung upon me. Called HQ again and they were again apologetic. Suddenly at 9.30am the parcel turned up and when the driver was challenged by me about this inconsistency, he said it was not in his manifest.I asked him who and entered the dataon their site as Attempted Delivery, he had no reply but just said sorry. Just thought members should be warned as this could have easily gone very wrong if my laptop ahd disappeared with no calling card left for me. It would be down to my word against theirs. Sorry for being long winded.

  Marko797 16:20 05 Feb 2009

'manipulative,dishonest behaviour' comes into this. Seems a mistake was made, by them, on the tracking bit of the web site. It happens... maybe it shouldn't have, but it does.

I'm sure you would have needed to sign for the delivery, so there would have been no come back on you, would there?

'Just thought members should be warned as this could have easily gone very wrong if my laptop ahd disappeared with no calling card left for me.'

The worst that could have happened was the laptop didn't get delivered when they said it would.

  rickf 16:24 05 Feb 2009

You missed my point. What if it did not turn up at all?? The compensation for this service package is 50% if delivered late or 100% if a day late. Could they have been trying to get out of this by inputting inaccurate data just before the deadline of 9AM delivery.

  Forum Editor 17:04 05 Feb 2009

of dishonest behaviour when all that appeared to have happened was some human error - somebody made a mistake.

Goods sent in this way are at the seller's risk until delivered, so at no time were you likely to have suffered any loss whatsoever. It's for the seller to worry about compensation etc., not you.

  Forum Editor 17:05 05 Feb 2009

and I'm transferring it now.

  GaT7 17:25 05 Feb 2009

"What if it did not turn up at all?" - 'attempted delivery' means they will try again, or you could call for another delivery, i.e. it's not lost - not yet anyway.

"It would be down to my word against theirs." - how can it be without your signature?

I get you point about the later-than-promised delivery & would be putting in a 50% claim. But do it when you've calmed down & can think objectively. G

  Forum Editor 17:59 05 Feb 2009

Claiming against a guaranteed delivery failure isn't something that the buyer can do - the seller is responsible for the goods up to the point of delivery, and it's the person who sends the item who must make any claim.

A buyer can certainly reclaim the cost of any rapid delivery premium from the seller, but that's a different matter.

  rickf 21:23 05 Feb 2009

Wow! I am really sorry I posted this. Either I'm not clear in what I am saying or it's taken out of context. Think about it. Who do you think posted it as an attempted delivery having been tried just before 9am, the deadline.
I might post here in helproom should I require technical advice but certainly NOT in speaklers' corner.
Thank you to all you understanding and sensitive souls.

  Forum Editor 23:37 05 Feb 2009

Sarcasm is hardly a mature response to the fact that you didn't get the reaction you expected. You started this, remember, and we've responded. Making unfounded allegations of dishonesty is a serious matter, and the fact that you have absolutely no valid evidence with which to support your accusation makes it worse.

It's not a question of "you understanding and sensitive souls" at all. We understand perfectly, and it looks like you're the one being sensitive. You said you wanted to warn people, but warn them about what? There's nothing that warrants a warning in this.

  Kevscar1 00:29 06 Feb 2009

It is well known that Royal Mail will sign reoorded delivery slips themselves and has been confirmed by my own Post Office so I presume he was worried that this company might do the same.
What chance of him making a claim then.

  rickf 08:09 06 Feb 2009

Thank you Kevscar. At last someone gets my point!!!
Won't rise to FE's bait. Have a good day!!

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