Parcel Force Packaging Blues

  GRTF 10:05 14 Nov 2007

I recently bought online a pair of stereo speakers, quite heavy, each weighs 30 kg. I could have auditioned them prior to purchase but arranged for Parcel Force to collect and deliver. (They were about ten years old.) Both speakers were faulty on arrival.
My claim for damages at Parcel Force was rejected because of insufficient packaging, this despite the packaging was the manufacturer’s standard for UK transit. There was no damage to the packaging that I could see. (Faults were internal)
Parcel Force’s agent’s report was allegedly sent to me, which I never received, and I just can’t get them to send a another copy of this letter.
Communicating by email with Parcel Force is a horrendous experience. Because of the delays my sixty-day window with eBay is now gone, but really the onus is
on Parcel Force to come up with something, but I’m just wasting my time.
Meanwhile both boxes are parked in my hall creating a nuisance and a hazzard,
now lasting two months.
I’ve given up hope of getting anywhere with this, so I’ll just have to say farewell to
my £400.00 and pay a carrier to convey them to the nearest recycling centre.

  Stuartli 10:16 14 Nov 2007

As you did not audition the speakers prior to purchase, how do you know that they were not faulty originally?

  GRTF 11:33 14 Nov 2007

I don't know that, but maybe I'm too trusting. The seller almost insisted on an audition, originally being "pickup" only." The collect and deliver was purely my choice.

  bjh 12:55 14 Nov 2007

Surely if, as you say "Faults were internal", and "There was no damage to the packaging that I could see", there is unlikely to be any fault on the part of Parcelforce.

The speakers arrived faulty, and your claim should have been against the vendor.

I'm sorry if this doesn't sound too helpful, especially given the cost!

  GRTF 17:13 14 Nov 2007

Well, that's reasonable enough. I contacted the seller directly, but he was having none of it - "perfect when they were collected, you could've auditioned them if you wanted," he said, but being being three or four hundred miles away was easier said than done.
But I'm reasonably sure that any damage was done en route.
I've contacted the speaker's makers but I'm not expecting anything there.

  Stuartli 20:28 14 Nov 2007

>>I've contacted the speaker's makers but I'm not expecting anything there.>>

Hardly surprising. It's nothing to do with the manufacturer as you have stated the speakers are 10 years old.

The manufacturer, however, could be invaluable if repairs are necessary.

I would approach the vendor once more pointing out again that the speakers were faulty on arrival - if no appropriate response is made then I would suggest using the Small Claims Court.

Regarding the ParcelForce claim that the packaging was insufficient, I've never sent anything to date via the courier without this aspect being carefully checked when sending items (the driver collects from my property).

  GRTF 14:16 15 Nov 2007

Well, I had thought of telling the makers not to bother using Parcelforce
for transit in the future as they think their packaging isn’t any good.
As far as repairs go, I emailed the makers early on, and I thought there
was going to be a dialogue, but it was abruptly cut off. . It seems someone
told my contact to end it.
I don’t think there’s any point in persuing this with the seller; he said the speakers were fine when they were collected, and he’s not going to change
In any case, who knows what condition they’re in now? Since the first
delivery (about 350 miles) the speakers have undergone another 1,000
miles to ParcelForce’s agent’s (who made the decision) and back again.
With insufficient packaging they must be in a terrible state.
Stuartli, are you saying that the carrier should make sure that the
packaging is sufficient before undertaking the delivery?

  Arnie 13:37 17 Nov 2007

"Both speakers were faulty on arrival."

Can you be more specific. Were they open circuit or, was the sound producing grating noises such as cone coil offset?

If the manufacturer is well known for producing quality units, there should be a repair facility available.

It's a shame you never mentioned the name and model of the speakers. At £400 for ten year-old speakers they must have cost a fortune bought as new.

It's better to spend money on a repair than just ditch them!

  Arnie 14:35 17 Nov 2007

I have just researched this reputable company.

If all else fails give Paul a call.

click here

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8743 4567
Fax: 020 8749 7957

Unit A4,
Askew Crescent Workshops,
Askew Crescent,
W12 9DP

Contacts: Paul MacCallam - MD

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