Parcel Force Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  daisy2bell 18:53 17 Mar 2007

Ordered a HD from Novatach on Thursday, paid extra for delivery next day before 12 noon.
It didn't turn up. Contacted Novatech, they in turn contacted Parcel Force and were informed that they (PF) had a problem in their northen depot, and that many parcels could not be sent out.
I then contacted Parcel Force, and was promised delivery before noon today. It is now 6.45 pm and still not arrived. Cant phone PF as their offices are closed at the weekend.
I have now wasted 2 days, and am VERy angry and discusted to say the very least.
On Monday I will complain in the most strongest terms.
This is not good enough.
Nova Tech were helpful but there is only so much they can do.

  Europa 20:13 17 Mar 2007

I am trying to avoid receiving anything with parcel Farce, they never leave a card to say they tried to deliver a parcel, the last time I got a parcel from ebay where the seller was using parcelforce, it looked like they played football with the box, the hole in it was so big that you could see what was inside, and one of the item was broken.
They definitively are a pain, at least in my area.
I had problems with a delivery from Comet (they were using PF). Saturday delivery? forget it, they'll try to deliver any day but a saturday, got my item on a monday, one month late.
Every time I have to deal with PF, I know problems will occur.
I hate them with a passion.
You can call ParcelForce Managing Director's Office on 01908 687000 (swithboard, ask to be transfered to PF Managing Director's Office) if you still have some difficulties getting your goods, they will look into it.

  citadel 20:21 17 Mar 2007

for future reference I can recommend delivery on time in a well wrapped parcel by city-link.

  laurie53 20:27 17 Mar 2007

No problem with PF, but I refuse to deal with any company that uses DHL.

Even you've specified special arrangements, if you're not in the only two options available are a hi-cost phone call to re-arrange a delivery, or a hundred mile round trip to their nearest depot.


  LastChip 20:50 17 Mar 2007

You have every reason to be annoyed, as the service you paid for hasn't materialised and in that respect, I have every sympathy for you.

But, I think you have to see it in the context of the overall operation. Parcel Force must deliver hundreds of thousands of packages every working day and occasionally things will go wrong.

For each upset customer, I suspect there are thousands of others that have no complaint. With the competition out there now, Parcel Force would soon be out of business if it were any other way.

  spuds 22:26 17 Mar 2007

LastChip as provided the words of wisdom.

No company can guarantee the impossible due to unforeseen circumstances,and I think that you will find their terms and conditions state this. I deal on a weekly basis with most of the major courier companies, and on the whole I cannot find fault with them or their delivery drivers, whether franchised or employed direct. Yes there are hiccups from time to time, and there are usually a reason for this, and no managing director of whether company can to prevent that odd hiccup.

Personally I would never insist or pay for 'guaranteed' next day delivery, unless it was delivered as a small package by a specialist courier at a very high delivery price.

  Stuartli 23:47 17 Mar 2007

I've never had a problem with ParcelForce nor, come to that, with DHL.

In fact if you arrange online for a parcel to be collected by ParcelForce, the driver is almost invariably ringing the front doorbell within half-an-hour to pick up the parcel or parcels.

  daisy2bell 09:39 18 Mar 2007

Thanks guys.
I can accept the problem and non delivery on Friday. But when I phoned up to ask why it had not been delivered I was told of the problem they had and i was promised a delivery the next day (Yesterday) up to 12 noon or even earlier in the day.That it what my gripe is about. Don't promise what you can't stick to.
I have said my piece now so I'll close the thread

  grumpygramp 15:02 18 Mar 2007

I receive medical supplies in an unmarked box monthly and I can tell the time by them .Our nearest depot is 45 odd miles away but he is usually there about 9am .

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