Parallel to USB adapter

  Totally-braindead 22:21 28 Aug 2004

I've got an old laptop which doesn't have USB, now being a laptop theres no way I could buy and install a USB card. So what I'm wondering is can you convert either the parallel port or the serial port to USB so I can connect my digital camera to it? Is there an adaptor you can get that can do this and if so where can I get it?

  spuds 00:06 29 Aug 2004

You could try click here click here click here [product A85AN] or PC World's Belkin range. Problem is, they are not cheap, unless click here have some hidden away.

Give ebay a try, there seems to be quite a few listed for around the £10 mark.

A lot cheaper then the £22 & £33 pounds for the Belkin & Epson products I have seen in the shops.

  Totally-braindead 12:02 29 Aug 2004

So there is such a thing, thanks guys seen convertors for converting parallel printers and the like to USB but not the other way about. Thanks for you help I'm away to have a look.

  Totally-braindead 12:09 29 Aug 2004

Just had a look but they are all adaptors for connecting parallel devices to USB, this isn't what I'm looking for its something which does it the other way about converts parallel or serial on the computer to USB. Thanks anyway.

  wallbash 13:16 29 Aug 2004

May be compleatly wrong, often am!

But in the recent past was desperate for a cable to join my Router to my Printer, kept asking for a paraell to USB, ie the paraell was to fit on the router and the usb on the Printer!!!

All the advice was wrong ( my question was unclear) wot I should have said was

does a 25 way D type male to a USB 'B' exist

Found out that the cable was not available.

So please repost your problem , but find out the tech names for each end of your cable, you may be luckier than me.

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