Paper shredder - any recommendations?

  urban gorilla 12:43 24 Dec 2009

I'm moving home in the new year and it's at this time you realise how much junk that has been accumulated. i have a lot of documents dating back several years which i would have just dumped in the bin but with identity theft being rife at the moment I've decided to shred all the documents.
I've done a search on this site for a review or any posts relating to paper shredders but it didn't come up with any results. I'm surprised PCA haven't reviewed this product which should be an essential piece of equipment in every home.
Does anyone use one in the home and which make model price range would you recommend?
links to websites would be nice.
Thanks for your help.
Merry Christmas.

  wiz-king 13:13 24 Dec 2009

I got one last year but it would be too big for home use. click here this is the company I bought from. Be wary of cheap so called desktop ones as they will only handle one or two sheets at a time and also fill up very quickly.

  jack 14:13 24 Dec 2009

by hand Name address, account number all appear at the top or near the top of a page.
A simple straight edge and rip several pages at a time.
These could burned in the Garden if you have one,
The residual sheets of statements and bills showing how much money you now have not got is no usde to any one.

  Woolwell 15:52 24 Dec 2009

Get a shredder which purports to take several pages at a time. In my experience they never take as many pages at a time as they state. If you've got room get one with a big bin as it is a pain to constantly empty it. Go for cross cut rather than strip cut. I'm reasonably happy with a Fellowes shredder.

  jja244 16:04 24 Dec 2009

I got mine at Tesco. Quite adequate for home use. Had it several years. Crosscut machine, auto operation plus reverse. About £20.

  Input Overload 16:14 24 Dec 2009

You do need a crosscut if you buy a shredder, the strip ones which are cheaper if you had the patience the doc could be refitted together.

  BT 16:42 24 Dec 2009

If you've got a lot of stuff to get rid of do what I did when I moved house and have a bonfire.
As has been said home shredders are OK but will only deal with small amounts of stuff at a time.

  wjrt 18:31 24 Dec 2009

beware the limitation of most home shredders as to how many pages they can cope with in one continuous operation as you may find that you can only do say 20 or so pages before they overheat

  Input Overload 10:01 25 Dec 2009

wjrt, I find that with the one I have, the destructions say only 2 mins continuous operation then a cooling period. We had a clear-out of the filing cabinet the other week & it took quite some time to shred the lot, & I think it's about killed off the shredder.

  jaraba 11:07 25 Dec 2009

I have to each year shred thousands of docs with names & addresses so bought one from, I believe it was Paperchase, for £70.
this was a few years ago 7 i think they may have changed their name.
It is across cut & purports to take 15 sheets but I have only ever put about 10 at a time in it & it has 17 litre bin.
The model is MS-1500 & it is 62cm high, 32cm front to back & 40cm wide.
It was their own brand

  Input Overload 11:10 25 Dec 2009

jaraba, I'm going to spend more & get a decent one when mine expires, it's amazing the confidential stuff you build up.

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