Panrix - A tale of woe and failure to deliver

  ghm101 22:36 19 May 2006

Following the good reviews given to Panrix for their Magnum IQ 3500 in the April edition of PCAdvisor, I decided, on 30th March, to order one. I did this by phone rather than the website as I wanted to tweak the standard spec of the machine.
(Ditching the speakers and keyboard whilst upping the ram and the graphics card.)

That part was a pleasant experience, the charging of my credit card and the prompt appearance in the post of an invoice soon followed ……and was the last piece of efficiency I have seen from Panrix.

Missed delivery dates, failures to communicate and a lack of concern for me as a customer have been my experience of Panrix since then and have lead me to cancel my order, request and fail to have my credit card refunded and ended with me initiating a disputed transaction process with my bank to get my money back.

So in the course of the past 50 days I have gone from expectant happy bloke smugly congratulating myself on shrewdly seeking out a well specified PC for a decent price. - To a cynical, frustrated, annoyed, jaded consumer, having spent several large chunks of my time trying to find out where my pc is, when it is going to be delivered, only to be let down time and again.

For just about every occasion I got a reply from Panrix there were un-replied to emails and failures to return calls. In total I received 5 verbal or written expected despatch dates that came and went with no PC, only rudimentary apologies “sorry but we will now send you your pc on…”.

I still don’t have a new PC and feel it prudent to wait until my refund appears or the dispute process finally yields my refund before I can go and get a PC elsewhere.

If I had not cancelled my order, today would have been the latest expected delivery date, if this had happened I would have actually received a machine that Panrix themselves have made obsolete with their newest £600 pound bargain the Panrix Nitro 3700 (I only got the mag today).

Ultimately a key test of a good company often how they cope with problems, and in my case they failed this test. Panrix have made a strong showing in various PC group tests lately and I imagine they have benefited from a subsequent increase in orders, It appears to me that they are failing to cope with this situation.

  ghm101 22:36 19 May 2006

30/03/2006 -Ordered Computer System from Panrix by phone
Verbally told “14 working days for delivery”
Credit Card Charged
Eta - 20/04/2006
Invoice Received next day

19/04/2006-Emailed to [email protected] asking for delivery confirmation

19/04/2006-Email reply received from Panrix advising I should expect the PC on the “week starting 23rd”

04/05/2006-Email to Panrix – Highlighting the delay in delivery, asking to be given alternative options if they were waiting for absent parts, etc etc, but again asking for a confirmed delivery date.

04/05/2006-Email reply received from Panrix confirming that the PC would be despatched on Friday 12th May to arrive Saturday 13th May.

12/05/2006am-Phone call to Panrix asking if PC was to be despatched as promised.
Was told they were doing everything possible to dispatch PC by close of business

12/05/2006-5.25 pm-Phone call to Panrix, and was told the PC would not go out as promised (big surprise). Panrix committed to despatching the PC on the following Monday 15th May.

12/05/2006 -I e-mailed Panrix a summary of the conversation detailing my expectations that the PC should be despatched on Monday 15th May

15/05/2006-Rang Panrix, was told that the PC would not be despatched until later in the week and was offered a further delivery date of Friday 19th May.

Patience exhausted. At that point I Verbally informed Panrix that I was cancelling the order and that they were to refund my card, they were to contact me when they had done so.

In that conversation Panrix said they would refund my card by the end of the week (Today).

I followed verbal cancellation with written cancellations by email, fax, and letter all requesting refund and notification of refund.

No reply received to the above so I sent and Email to Panrix asking again that they refund my card and notify me.

As of the time of writing I have received no communication back from Panrix concerning the refund of this transaction. So contacted the bank to dispute the credit card transaction.

So now I wait for my bank to sort this out and I can then make another attempt to replace my very sad old noisy slow existing PC.

  rdave13 23:04 19 May 2006

Sorry to hear of your experience with Panrix. When you get your refund you could do worse than try PcNextday. Note that I have nothing to do with PcNextday just a content customer.

  ghm101 23:14 19 May 2006

Yes I've seen their latest offerings, and noted their absence of negative comments in this board and others.

The one silver lining I am taking from this experience is that my £600 will get me a better pc than in march, all the same I would prefer not to be still using my old pc that sounds like a hairdryer and has about the same computing power.

  rdave13 00:23 20 May 2006

Lol. Patience is a virtue seldom found in woman and never in man. Your £600 will buy a cracking "low budget" machine. I paid PcNextday £650 for a good machine this january and they've gone and bettered it for a lower price! Grrr.

Still had speakers and that infernal "bass" box that my son likes to hammer out so all the neighbours have to listen to it!!

  ghm101 10:31 24 May 2006


Panrix have yet to refund my credit card as promised. My bank is doing their disputed transaction thing which can take 4- 8 weeks dependant upon circumstances.

Panrix continue to treat me poorly, initially from their failure to meet any of their despatch dates, which lead me to cancel my order, to now, their tardiness in refunding my card as promised.

I have emailed them again yesterday asking about this and have not had even the courtesy of a reply, I am just being ignored.

Panrix have had my £622 since 30/03, which very roughly equates to £4 in interest. At least they are profiting from this whole sour deal.

  spuds 12:06 24 May 2006

I should leave this to your credit card company to sort out (with regular prompting from you). Panrix have given their answer, or so it would seem!.

  ghm101 12:37 24 May 2006

You are probably right, but it is just plain annoying and discourteous that the only answer I get from Panrix has to be inferred from their inaction. The latest example of the un-professionalism with which I have been treated

I thought to contact Panrix yesterday, hoping they would just do the right thing so I (and they) can close the door on this one and no more time needs to be wasted by either me, my bank or even Panrix.

Futile hope it seems

  Crisscraft 10:26 25 May 2006

I was impressed by the number of times Panrix made the top ten PCs in PCADVISOR's top ten charts so I ordered aPanrix Magnum IQ 3500. That was on 4th April. 51 days later and numerious calls by telephone I am told by one person it will go out friday but another person says that my machine failed its soak test and Panrix are awaiting a new part. As there Panrix Nitro 3700 is the same price I asked them to send one of those instead. Their reply this time was they are awaiting new cases from Germany so they couldn't send one of those either. I have asked them now to cancel and refund the £622 I paid them. Does anyone think that PCADVISOR should warm its readers about this?

  ghm101 10:43 25 May 2006

Your situation sounds identical to mine, just 4 days newer.

Tell me did they "generously" offer you an extended warranty by way of apology? w00t!

I got the infamous "German Cases" excuse on several occasions also - I find it hard to believe that their whole production line grinds to a halt whilst they wait for Hans to put down his bratwurst and get on with it.

If it was me I would source alternative cases and offer them to my clients and give them a choice.

Some questions arising from my speculation:

-I wonder if Panrix are prioritising their higher value orders to the determent of clients who ordered lower value systems?

-Are their recent £600 systems that performed so well in group tests just “Loss Leaders” and shunted to the bottom of the production schedule?

-Have other forum members successfully received any Panrix machines in good time recently?

-Are Panrix having cash flow issues that mean suppliers are reluctant to deliver parts?

  ghm101 10:45 25 May 2006

a request

Can you let me know when (if?) your credit card gets refunded?

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