Panrix, Leeds huge disapointment

  very annoyed 19:06 05 May 2006

Please can anyone who has ordered a PC over the telephone from Panrix in Leeds contact me with their stories. I purchased a pc at the beginning of April, they promptly debited my bank account & i have not got the goods or the refund which i requested 2 weeks ago. I was very disapointed with their service so decided to cancel. I have now taken advice & have given them 2 weeks in which to return my money or i will start legal proceedings. I am interested if anyone has actually received their goods or got a refund, particularly if a debit card was used as mine was. Thanks, Wendy

  Forum Editor 19:22 05 May 2006

why you want people to contact you with their stories - surely it's your story which is important, so let's stick to that.

You used a debit card, which was unwise, because if things go wrong you don't have the protection that would automatically be yours, had you used a credit card. Having said that, you are certainly protected by consumer law - up to a point.

You don't say whether this computer was an off-the-shelf, stock item, or whether you specified the configuration, so Panrix could build it for you. It makes a difference, so perhaps you could clarify that point for us?

You say that you ordered the computer at the beginning of April, and that you made a refund request two weeks ago - which would have been less than three weeks from the date of order. Why did you request the refund? You say "I was very disappointed with their service". In what way were you disappointed? Three weeks isn't an unusually long delivery delay, so perhaps there was some other reason?

Are you aware that, under current the distance selling regulations Panrix have thirty days from the date you requested the refund within which to refund your money?

  very annoyed 19:34 05 May 2006

Hi, this is the first time i've used this forum so pls excuse any errors. I am interested to see if anyone else has experienced what i have as i guess i would feel better had they. The facts of my story are i purchased my pc over the phone paying with my switch card on the 8th April. For approx 2 weeks my suspicians about their company started to grow, i had not been given any receipt/conf of order or anything at all in writing. Each time i called them, they would give me dates when they think they could deliver,not rnt my calls, tell me my conf of order has been lost in the post, not answer my mails, overall i had huge suspicians about them. So, last Friday the 28th April, i telephoned & told Luke that i wanted to cancel my order. He guaranteed me that my accnt will be credited within 72 hrs. It was not. I called them again on Tuesday 2nd May, again i was told by Luke that my accnt will be crdt within 72 hrs. I discovered this a'm that it had not been. I am now aware of the 30 day rule which takes me to this Monday, i have given them 14 days from this date to give me my money back or i will start legal proceedings.

  very annoyed 19:38 05 May 2006

I orginally ordered from Panrix as the model came highly recommended as The Editors Choice of Personal Computer World magazine, April edition. The PC was a Magnum IQ 3700 costing me £719

  spuds 19:46 05 May 2006

This click here may explain a little.Check very annoyed's posting, dated today.

  Forum Editor 19:50 05 May 2006

1. By law, you must be provided with a confirmation of your order, and that must indicate - among other things - the total purchase price, and any terms and conditions regarding payment.

2. If your order confirmation had truly been lost in the post (and it can happen), it would have been a simple matter to send a duplicate.

3. You must give notice of cancellation in writing (email is perfectly acceptable), and you appear not to have done this. I suggest that you confirm your instruction to cancel the order immediately. You say "i telephoned & told Luke that i wanted to cancel my order." but unfortunately that carries little weight if Luke subsequently decided to say that you hadn't told him that. I'm not suggesting for a moment that he would deny the conversation, but I'm sure you'll see my point?

4. You say that "I have now taken advice" - who has advised you, and what did they advise you to do?

  Forum Editor 19:57 05 May 2006

My thanks to you for that.

very annoyed - you appear to be running in a parallel universe here. You've already been posting in someon else's thread, and now you've started your own, on the same subject, but without telling us that you've already had excellent advice from spuds - another forum member.

Not being aware of that, I've gone over much the same ground, which is a slight waste of time, so from now on please keep to this thread - don't post in the other one again.

Do what has been suggested, and get that written notification to panrix, via email, without any further delay. You have reduced your options by using a debit card, but don't let that stop you - pursue your refund claim without delay.

  very annoyed 20:57 05 May 2006

Thanks for your responses, i'm new to this & have been highly stressed so apologise if i've not been logging on correctly etc. Firstly last Friday i did email the company following my tel conversation with Luke telling them that i wanted a full refund. Luke responded to me via email apologising for the inconvenience, telling me that a confiration of my order will be sent to my home address (which i have not received). I cannot remember whether the refund was mentioned in his email though i will find out on Monday when i check my work email. Action i have taken is, today i went to my bank & told them what happened. They say that i can chase it up which they are doing & that it will take 28 days. I've been to the Police as in my view this is theft. They referred me to the CAB. From there i was advised to write to Panrix, sending it recorded delivery telling them that my purchase as from Monday coming is void as i have not received the goods within 30 days. I quoted some legal information, a consumer rights act & told them that if my account is not credited within 14 days of the date of the letter that i will begin legal proceedings. I plan to take them to the small claims court if i do not get my money back. I have received nothing in writing since making this purchase, other than a 3 line email from Luke last Friday.

  Forum Editor 01:54 06 May 2006

you haven't received the goods within 30 days is because you cancelled your order after three weeks.

The Police will not wish to be involved here, as there's no evidence (that I can see) of theft at all. Nothing's been stolen, so no crime has been committed. You would need to have evidence to show that Panrix deliberately set out to permanently deprive you of your money, and there can be no such evidence as things stand.

A summary of events would appear to be as follows:-

1. You placed a telephone order for a computer and paid with a debit card.

2. You subsequently decided to cancel that order and ask for a full refund of your money. As far as I can see, you made that request by phone two weeks ago, but didn't confirm it in writing until seven days ago.

3. To date you have received no written confirmation of your order - although Panrix say they sent it to your home address.

4. Panrix responded to your written refund request with an email confirming that a written confirmation of your order will be sent to your home address.

As I said earlier - Panrix have 30 days within which to refund your money, and as you didn't provide them with a written notice of your request until seven days ago they may decide to use that as the point at which the 30 day clock began to tick, in which case they technically have another 23 days to go. They are entitled to wait that long under the terms of the distance selling regulations, which state that if you request a refund you must do so via "a durable medium", which is generally understood to mean 'in writing'.

The reason I asked you whether the computer was being made to your custom specifications was because goods which are made to your specification are not covered by the legal "right to cancel" - in other words, once you have ordered a custom-built machine you must pay for it, and can only demand a refund if, when it is delivered, the computer is faulty, or doesn't conform to the contract (isn't what you ordered) under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act.

You have written to Panrix by recorded delivery, and to be honest there's nothing more you can do now, other than wait for their response - if any - to your letter. They don't have to respond, and if they don't you'll need to allow the 30 day period to elapse before you can take any further action. In the meantime, make sure that you keep a written record of the order of events - write down exactly what happened, who said what, and when they said it.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful, and I'm equally sorry if it sounds as if I'm in any way inferring that you've acted incorrectly. I don't mean to imply criticism, and I'm sure you'll learn from this experience. Never pay for high-value items over the phone, or on the internet with a debit card, and always confirm everything in writing immediately. People might seem very pleasant and accommodating on the phone, but you have no record of them being like that, and if they later deny the conversation took place you haven't much of a leg on which to stand.

Perhaps you'll come back to this thread and update us when something happens - or when it doesn't?

  very annoyed 07:49 06 May 2006

Thanks this is very helpful, i will let you know what happens. I did ask for a copy of the conf of order to be faxed to me on the 28th April which Luke did, unfortunatly all of the faxes came through as blank sheets of paper. On this day he also promised me in his email of which i still have, that it will be sent to me at my home address that day, it has'nt arrived. Yesterday i phoned the co. following the CAB's advice & told them that unless my bank accnt is credited with my refund within 24 hrs then i will take legal action. This will take me to 1.00pm today, i have checked my bank accnt this morning & it is not in there. I have sent them the letter recorded delivery which they will receive today but which is dated Monday 8th May, 30 days from my original purchase date, giving them 14 days in which to refund me. As adviced by the CAB. Like you say, now i have to wait. It is very worrying for a novice in these things but i have learnt some valuable lessons here. To give you a bit of feedback, this forum has been my lifeline in this awful mess & it should be broadcast more so that people in similar situations are aware that there are people in the same boat.

  Forum Editor 09:20 06 May 2006

and the search engines to pass the news about our forum, and if you've received help here perhaps you'll spread the word.

We probably have the best consumer-protection legislation in the world here, in the UK, but with that comes a degree of complexity, and it isn't always a simple matter to understand just what you can do if things go wrong. There's no doubt in my mind that thousands of consumers lose out on a daily basis as a result of lack of knowledge, and some suppliers are in the same boat - they don't fully understand their rights and liabilities either.

I'm hopeful that your situation will resolve itself now - you've done what you can, and now you need to wait.

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