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  scarecrow1248 17:26 07 Aug 2006

like a lot of people on the forum, I have also fell foul of Panrix Computers, suffice it to say am currently in the process of trying to get money back through the courts.
My point on here is one which "Gandalf" raised on the forum on the 21/07/06 in which he said the magazines weren't to blame. I take issue with this inasmuch as in the first instance I would agree, but after buyers write in and inform the mags about there problems, then perhaps at this stage the mags, if they continue to recommend the firms(as PC Advisor has done over the last few months incl this month) should bear some of the responsibility as they are by the fact of recommending causing people to buy as they think the firm is okay(any lawyers out there to look into this!!)
Just a thought as magazines seem reluctant to answer emails when sent re firms like Panrix and obviosly don't want to withdraw there recommendations, I wonder why!!!!!?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 07 Aug 2006

Magazines recommend a specific product or specific products and not the service or reliability. They only have a product on test for a very limited time. You take self responsibility and the consequences when you use any company. Take PCW as an example. I thoroughly recommend them to all and sundry but I bet that there are some that have had real problems (self-inflicted or not) and why should I try to stand in their place and speak up for them in PCW.


  scarecrow1248 19:48 07 Aug 2006

Further to reply, I'm not saying the general adverts/recommendations should be "banned" what I'm saying, is for instance, like PC Advisor's lists of budget/super budget etc computers, then where they go out and recommend the different firms AFTER being told that the firm is iffy, then in my opinion they should take some responsibility, as after being told, if they continue to recommend them month after month,, then they are in effect saying that this firm is Okay and there is nothing to worry about. At the least, if the magazines finds out by whatever means, that the any firm is iffy, then they should print a warning to there readers re this.

  wee eddie 20:35 07 Aug 2006

as, in essence, I agree.

However, no magazine in it's right mind would open itself to litigation by saying that a manufacturer was less than kosher unless it knew that the firm was not only approaching liquidation but had also been unable to sell any of it's assets.

The Top Ten charts are renewed on a strict rotation and are prepared a considerable period before publication date anyway. Such are the requirements of setting out a magazine, it's not printed the day before distribution.

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