Panasonic TV Hard Drive

  Ex plorer 16:41 22 Feb 2014

Hi I would like to add a hard drive to the TV.

The TV in question is a Panasonic TX-L42E30B, after some research I have found that a Buffalo hard drive is best suited to the Panasonic TV.

But which Buffalo to get is the problem, all that I have researched are for PCs and MACs, I don't see any suggestible for TV.

As the Panasonic has only one tuner I wont be able to record and watch TV at the same time.

If someone could advise or link me to a Buffalo 500Gb or 1TB that's suitable for the Panasonic TV it would be appreciated.

There are 2 USB ports, HDD and No2 on the TV. Assuming HDD would be the connection.

  caccy 20:31 22 Feb 2014

We have the 32" version of this TV and have used a Buffalo "HD-LBU2 Drive Station" for 2 years without any problems. You can only record what you are viewing. It will record HD or SD and can be programmed from "Guide" Connect to USB 1. If you havn't got a user manual I believe you can download one from Panasonic.

  Ex plorer 12:52 23 Feb 2014

caccy Hi thanks for that, I didn't relies you could record what you are viewing.

I was hoping to record late night movies whilst in the land of nod, I suppose I can as long as I leave the TV on the same channel.

I will look at the on line manual for further reference as you suggest.

Thanks also for quoting the type of HD you are using.

  BRYNIT 18:50 23 Feb 2014

Remember the TV will need to format the drive before it can record to it. If its like my Samsung TV once formates you will not be able to see read or write to the HD/partition with your computer. I would recommend that you Partition the drive allowing enough room for your TV recordings and the rest formatted via your computer for backup.

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