Panasonic DMRE-85H HDD DVD

  Phphred 13:15 27 Apr 2006

I have the above DVD HDD Recorder and I am continually getting trouble with the “Timer Recording”. I should say that at least twenty percent of the time after I have left it to record a TV programme, it just doesn’t. It has been doing this since I first bought it just over a year ago. At that time I just assumed that I had input the programme wrongly. Now I am a little bit more au fait with the programming and I am reasonably sure that it is the recorder’s software that is faulty. Is there anyone out there who could let me have, to borrow or buy, a Panasonic software disk to try and put this right?
I have been to the Panasonic site but I could not find the software to download, whereas I found some on the Philips site for my first DVD recorder!!


  daveeb 15:11 27 Apr 2006

Do you use PDC or video plus for the recordings as i find both of these inherently unreliable.

  Phphred 16:14 27 Apr 2006

Until fifteen minutes ago I had never used video plus but I always use PDC. For the next few days I shall leave the PDC box blank and await the results. Thank you for the reply.

  Arnie 17:39 27 Apr 2006

PDC can be a bit hit and miss with BBC1.

As far as I can remember, BBC1, BBC2, CH4 and CH5 are the only channels that can use PDC.
ITV has never worked on any of my recorders, digital or analogue.

For people who may not know PDC stands for programme delivery control. When it works correctly, it will delay a timed programme if the one preceding it runs over its allotted time slot.

Germany uses much the same system (VPS) but it is not compatible with PDC.

  anchor 19:22 27 Apr 2006

The only PDC I find reliable is on BBC 1 and 2; works 99% of the time. Non existent on ITV1; intermittent on the others.

Perhaps this was the cause of your problem.

  Phphred 20:19 28 Apr 2006

I have a sneaking suspicion that you have solved my problem as so far I have been recording all sorts of rubbish just to test it out and it has behaved impeccably without PDC. Thank you very much indeed boys!!

  Phphred 20:25 28 Apr 2006

Oh! I'll close this thread for now and if anything else goes wrong then I shall get back to you experts!! Thanks again.

  Phphred 08:04 29 Apr 2006

There must be PDC on this resolved box!!

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