Panasonic DMR-EX75EB

  Carafaraday 11:41 15 Nov 2006

I have just become the owner of this dvd recorder with hard drive. Before anyone tells me to RTFM, I have really tried to do that but it is 79 pages of highly technical stuff and I would really welcome some basic help.

So far I have managed to record to the hard drive and watch the programme while it was still recording - if you see what I mean. Now I want to know whether it is possible to:-

1. watch one programme while recording a completely different one
2. delete just one recording from the hard drive
3. if I am watching the tv when the phone rings, is it possible to quickly set the HD to record what I am watching so that I don't miss anything?

If anyone out there has a similar machine I would be very grateful for their help.

  TOPCAT® 15:56 15 Nov 2006

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  TOPCAT® 15:59 15 Nov 2006

manual. Sorry, cannot help further. TC.

  Carafaraday 16:34 15 Nov 2006

Thanks, Topcat. As you say, I do have the manual and have actually read every word too. It's understanding what might or might not be possible that's confusing me as the whole thing is quite new to me.

I've managed to watch one programme recorded onto the hard drive while recording another one although I'm not sure I can do it again, so clearly that is a possibility. Have also managed to delete just one programme from the HDD without deleting the lot. Now I just need to find a magic button to record when the phone rings.

  FatboySlim71 23:56 16 Nov 2006

I have the next model up the DMR EX85 they are both the same apart from the EX85 has a larger hard disc drive.

1: I am not sure if you can watch one programme while recording a completely different one.

Something makes me think that you can, you would not be able to do this if you are recording off of Sky as you have to watch what you are recording with Sky, the best thing will be to email Panasonic and ask them, I emailed Panasonic prior to purchasing my EX85 with a couple of questions and they got back to me within a day or so and they were really helpful.
This is Panasonics email address,

[email protected]

2: delete just one recording from the hard drive.

Yes you can do this as I have done this exact thing, if you are watch the program that you want to delete, if you press the delete button on the remote control this will ask you if you want to delete the program you are watching, also if you ensure that your machine is on the hard disc drive, do this by pressing the drive select button, then press the DIRECT NAVIGATOR BUTTON, it will then show you what is on the hard drive, highlight the one that you want to delete by using the directional pad on the remote control, when you have highlighted the program that you want to delete (IT WILL HAVE A YELLOW BOX AROUND IT WHEN ITS HIGHLIGHTED) now if you press the delete button on the remote control it will then delete just the highlighted/selected program and the rest of the programs will remain.

3: if I am watching the tv when the phone rings, is it possible to quickly set the HD to record what I am watching so that I don't miss anything?.

You can do this by making sure that the input source/channel on the EX75 is set to the same as the program you are watching, eg, if you are watching Sky and have Sky connected via AV2 on the EX75, if you ensure that the input source is set on A2 on the EX75, it would then be possible to do what you have said as long as it was Sky, in this example that you were wanting to quickly record. There is another method called DIRECT TV RECORD, but to use this method, I think you have got to have a Panasonic TV and have it wired up a certain way, it does tell you about this feature in the instruction manual, this feature basically allows you to press the DIRECT TV RECORD button on the EX75 remote control and record what ever program you are watching, regardless of whether the EX75 is on standby or not.

  Carafaraday 08:23 17 Nov 2006

Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Most helpful. I don't have Sky or a 'matching' TV so I reckon the best thing I can do to ensure I don't miss vital tv when the phone rings is to ensure that the recorder is set to the right channel so that all I need to do is to press the on button then record. Incidentally pressing the record button on the actual machine I think only records for 30 mins, press twice for 1 hour etc, I don't think that's the case when you use the remote but haven't experimented yet.

I did manage to record one programme (Channel 4) last night while watching BBC1 - most successful. It's all a steep learning curve for me and I am very grateful for all hints and tips.

  freaky 11:23 17 Nov 2006

In answer to your questions.

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes

To explain in detail would take too long,it's all covered in the manual. I have had my Panasonic DMR EH50 almost a year now and I am still learning!

Regarding question 3 - look up time-slip in the manual if you are actually recording the program. Alternatively just select the channel you were watching on the DVDR, select HD, then press record. This would apply if you were watching a terrestial program, slight changes would apply if it was a satelite program.

I sometimes record to DVD-RAM disk rather than the HD....saves clutter if I do not intend to keep the recordings.

  Carafaraday 11:56 17 Nov 2006

Thanks for your reply. My problem has been just understanding what the machine is capable of - there have been a lot of changes since our old VCR was bought around 20 years ago. As with most things, once you know how to do it the manual begins to make sense!

  freaky 12:18 17 Nov 2006

Talking about VHS, I expect you know that you can play VHS tapes and then record them to either the HD, DVD-R/+R or Panasonic DVD-RAM disks.

When you play them back they are much better. If you do this then you can dispense with your VHS Recorder!

DVD-RAM disks can be edited and re-written to 1,000's of times without loss of quality.

I am not familiar with your Panasonic DMR-EX75EB, so the above comments may not apply !

  Carafaraday 12:25 17 Nov 2006

Yes, I know that it is possible to record the old vhs tapes to disc although I haven't actually got as far as trying it yet. I am still trying to master the basics! I intend to keep the old VCR just as a back up - the dvd recorder can only record one programme at a time and there are (very rare) occasions when I want to record two things at once.

Any other comments or tips would be very welcome.

  freaky 14:00 17 Nov 2006

I don't think it's possible to record two programs at once using the VCR and DVDR.

I note earlier you do not have Sky, how do you access the satellite channels (if any).

We are are on NTL Cable Digital.

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