morddwyd 08:16 07 Jul 2011

I know it's come up many time before, but how do they justify it?

P&P England £5, P&P Scotland (all of it, not just the more usual Highlands & Islands) £20.

£5 to Carlisle, £20 to Gretna.

It would be less from the US or Oz!

  spuds 12:06 07 Jul 2011

It all comes down to logistics and what the punter will or should pay.

I have a number of items from Hong Kong and that region on a near monthly basis via ebay purchases. The price including postage is far cheaper than the equivalent or similar item from local suppliers

The same applies with items from Amazon UK and USA. Same postage, but shorter UK travel differences.

The only hiccup is the waiting time, unless you can wait the 5 to 21 days delivery time from abroad?.

It isn't just the Scottish Highlands that suffered the monopoly effect. Ireland, both North and South, had similar problems with excessive price from and to mainland UK. That now seems to have stabalised over recent times.

Don't forget, that some people add higher delivery charges to cover packing and the lower advertised price of the item!.

Another thing worth considering is 'free delivery'. In the case of Amazon, on certain item 'forfilled' by them are delivered for free. The same applies to some other retailers, with possibly a spend of over £5.00 on an item, with the result of no delivery charge. Why pay £4.99 for one item and perhaps £10.00 delivery, when you can buy two items for less?.

Phew, glad that I got that lot of my chest!.

  Covergirl 12:36 12 Jul 2011

Yes, postal charges always put me off, but I can see that a company sending out lots of stuff will win and lose on delivery so has to average it out. The fact that 7 miles over the border from Carlisle makes the difference between £5 and £20 is just an anomaly of the averaging system.

If I were selling from ebay, I feel I'd have to wrap/package each item and weigh and cost before I even put the advert on.

  wee eddie 13:17 12 Jul 2011

P&P in the UK.

It has become normal to charge extra for Northern Ireland and The Highlands & Islands.

Who is it that, you say, charges extra for crossing the border?

  BT 17:06 12 Jul 2011

I think QVC are one of the worst for P&P charges. Every item charged at full P&P except when you buy 2 of the same item when you save 50% off one of them.

Most catalogues have a fixed P&P per order regardless of the number of items, and as has been said most Amazon orders are free P&P even on lower priced items. My last 3 Amazon purchases were £165.00, £11.95 and £5.00 and I haven't paid P&P on any of them.

  morddwyd 20:49 12 Jul 2011

wee eddie

Had a look back but can't find them now. It was for a Gardena Gripper which I use for picking up litter in the garden (I live on a main road).

I simply ordered elsewhere.

  Muergo 15:12 13 Jul 2011

My experiences quite the reverse, I can't see how some companies make any money on items I have ordered, a mains phone charger for £1.50 free delivery 7Day shop, packing and post more than price, same for many items I get post free, but you have to watch out for the low priced high p&p guys that tempt you with an up front bargain and then load the post & packing to several times the cost of the item.

Amazon are the most wasteful packagers, I had an "Basics" HDMI lead supposed to be minimal packing, put into a plastic bag inside a box which then packed inside a bigger box with crushed paper to fill up the three quarters of empty space. It could quite easily stopped at stage one.

I ordered six ink cartridges from 7Day shop, they came in three separate padded envelopes at the same time, free post.

I can't understand why you say Amazon charges extra for Scotland, most of my Amazon goods come from their Scottish warehouse Glenrothes Fife.

  morddwyd 15:23 13 Jul 2011

"I can't understand why you say Amazon charges extra for Scotland"

Who said this?

I can see no reference to it.

If only all on-line dealers were like Amazon!

By the way, they are closing their Glenrothes depot and opening an even bigger one in Dunfermline.

  interzone55 22:32 14 Jul 2011


Are you sure your HDMI lead came from Amazon? I've never had anything off them that's included crushed paper packaging, almost everything I've had from them has been in suspended plastic within the box.

As for extra charges for Scotland, I've not heard of this before, but it could be because the parcels have to be handed over to another courier at the border, because not all companies deliver north of the border.

  Quickbeam 23:47 14 Jul 2011

'how do they justify it?'

Be cause you use more fuel going upwards than down...

  Muergo 02:55 15 Jul 2011

When I said crushed paper, it's a plain light brown paper, looks like it's off a reel and scrumpled round as a space filler.

Did you like that "scrumpled" word, I just made it up, it's very evocative of the process.

Looks like recycled, but all the package is recycled and recyclable which should be good but isn't as it takes a lot of chemicals, water, energy to recycle paper, better to harvest a tree as the energy comes straight from the sun in photosynthesis and absorbs carbon dioxide, only needs 30yrs on average in northern latitudes like Canada, Russia where there's plenty of space and the bears can S**T in the woods at the same time.

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