Palmone Tungsten E

  Sprawlsy 12:54 19 Apr 2004

Hi, I currently have a Palm M105 PDA but want to upgrade to a better model. However, I have reservations regarding the build quality of Palm products. My M105 suffers from a kanackered capacitor that cannot retain power (therefore also memory) once the batteries are removed. This problem appears to be a trait of all models assembled in Mexico(!). I'm looking for feedback on the T|E before commiting hard cash, I want to know of any inherent flaws. Alteratively, views on the Sony Clie TJ27 are aslo welcome.


  TomJerry 13:00 19 Apr 2004

somereviews here: click here

Best price £135 click here

  TheTerminator 14:17 19 Apr 2004

had one for a few months now. absolutely amazing. cheap and good value software with it. The ability to write word/excel files on the go is great....

click here

click here

click here - A review of the tungsten e.

Overall, its been great for me, the low price and the screen (it's as good as all the reviews let on) really has made me pleased to buy mine.

I think you can get these cheaper on ebay - Ipaid 110 for mine new from ebay.

  Demora 16:58 19 Apr 2004

Had a Tungsten E for a couple of weeks and found that the battery life was hopeless. Swapped with my better half for his T3. Much better, I can use with my mobile phone etc


  Kate B 17:38 19 Apr 2004

I'm a fan of the Sony Clies - I use an NX70 which I like a lot. I recently had the Clie TH55 in for review which I thought was potentially a great machine but flawed by having too many complicated frills: Sony's new front-end, Clie Organiser, is a pain. But you could always just use Datebook (or buy Datebook +, which is great) and bypass the Clie Organiser software and you'd have a nice machine.

  Sprawlsy 20:46 19 Apr 2004

Cheers for your input guys, anyone else have anything to say (I've trawled Brighthand & Cliesource)?

  Demora 00:13 20 Apr 2004

If Funds permit go for the T3. Faster processor, more Ram (64MB) bigger screen and Bluetooth. plus similar software package. And a bit sturdier


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