paid twice at argos

  adamagain 01:23 02 Jan 2009

looking through old statements and saw argos seem to have taken 2 payments,about 2 years ago,the amount was slightly different in the 2nd payment,about 5 pound more

The no on the staement was the same,reference etc.
Could i claim it back after this time if it was taken by mistake.

  harps1h 08:19 02 Jan 2009

you could try the credit card company as well, but i would think it will have to be put down to experience. i would imagine the burden of proof would lie heavily with you.

  BJN 08:30 02 Jan 2009

I was charged twice a few weeks back by Argos for the same item it was a small amount £6.99. When I took my statement to the local store they said it was a National problem and I would be refunded in a few days. It took about 5 days for the refund to appear on my bank statement.

I wonder what would have happened if it had been a large ammount and had made my account overdrawn.


  smokingbeagle 08:42 02 Jan 2009

Think you have upto 6 years to reclaim a payment in error. It would certainly be a good idea to query the two payments with Argos.

  laurie53 08:55 02 Jan 2009

I know it's been said before, but a good example of why you should check all statements carefully as soon as they arrive.

(No doubt I will now miss several erroneous charges on my next half dozen statements!).

  jack 10:26 02 Jan 2009

Items that have puzzled me in the past have been where the seller uses another name to collect.
We are familiar with on line sellers of software of course but sometimes Department stores [John Lewis has been one in the past but not now] and magazine subscriptions appear as something else and can cause a bit of head scratching until the penny[£$€] drops.

  interzone55 12:04 02 Jan 2009

Usually when this happens and you can show it was the double charge that put you overdrawn the retailer will also refund charges and interest...

  adamagain 23:29 02 Jan 2009

Seems it was not the reference no but the card no,debit card,that i seen.
The second payment was higher though about 5 days later on.
Cant see why it would be more
Anyway can i ask argus to check there end.


  spuds 12:19 03 Jan 2009

The problem with checking old statements, is that people sometimes forget what the actual deal or deals were all about. Some stores hold records for a number of years, other stores have now stopped doing this, due to storage and safeguard procedures, but you can always contact the company, and find out what their policies are.

If an item as been scanned, then this will show up as the same price, unless of course there is a price change in between for the same product.

On a personal note, I always check any bills/receipts or statements at the most earliest convenience, so if any errors show up, these can soon be investigated and perhaps corrected. I generally find that supermarket receipts are on top of the list for checking, due mainly to the errors (usually to the stores advantage)I find with them.

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