Packard Bell Advice Needed

  darkster 12:18 29 Dec 2006

My old Evesham PC is on its last legs and so I need a new PC. I wouldn't normally consider PCWorld but they are doing a Packard Bell with;
Core 2 Duo E6400
320Gb Seagate HDD
512Mb Radeon X1600SE graphics
build in tuner
+19" LG Widescreen (My screen of choice!)
for reasonable money. I would be very grateful of your opinions on the brand (Packard Bell) and the system specs. as this seems a solid system to me.
Thanks in advance.
PS For a pc of this spec. Evesham don't come close for this sort of money. If they did, I would buy from them again.

  howard64 12:28 29 Dec 2006

seems good but you do not say price. With pb you normally get only a recovery disk not original xp. Also as most are giving a free or cheap upgrade to vista at the moment does it have this. Also if you only get recovery disk you could have problems when/or if you upgrade.

  darkster 12:36 29 Dec 2006

Price is £829 and all PCs running XP MCE with at least 1GB RAM are eligible for a free Vista Premium upgrade.

  SB23 12:41 29 Dec 2006

I've had a Packard Bell iMedia 5093 for the past 4 or more years, and other that the usual pc related problems, it has been very good. I bought the highest spec that PCW had and apart from still wanting to upgrade the ram(512mb) the processor(2.53ghz) is still able to do alot. I replaced the Hd a while ago, but it is certainly a well built machine, and easy to work on.


  vinnyT 13:15 29 Dec 2006

The only part of the specs (as shown) that would bother me is the graphics card, if you don't play games this will not be a problem.

You could always upgrade the g.card at a later date, if you feel the need to do so.

  darkster 13:26 29 Dec 2006

Yes, that was my only slight disappointment - the graphics, but as I don't play that many games it's not really a problem. I could always upgrade to an Nvidia 7600GT at a later date if I felt the need, if the PSU was up to it. I have to say that it a real wrench not to buy from Evesham as my previous pc has been superb but this system seems to tick all the right boxes, plus I could go and get one tomorrow! I just wanted to make sure that no-one has had too many serious problems with Packard Bell because I couldn't handle going back to PCWorld every other week, queueing up at customer services with problems. (Then having even more problems when I speak to someone!)

  ForestChav 00:41 30 Dec 2006

Most PC problems are RTFM / User error anyway.

  robgf 02:05 30 Dec 2006

Just to add my sixpence worth, I have had my current Packard Bell computer for a couple of years and it has been very reliable (no problems at all in fact), it is also the quietest computer I have ever used, although I suppose that depends on the model. :)

The only downside is all the trial software and junk that comes with the system, but it is possible to use the advanced options and reinstall just Windows. The purple PB colour scheme can be removed using a utility from their web site.

Rob. :)

  northernwarrior 18:18 24 Jan 2007

I have just bought a PB2969 from PC World. Reasonable price £680 after saying I didn't want a monitor.

However... a few caveats.

1. You don't get any backup driver discs or "proper" XP disc, it's just contained in a seperate partition on the Hard Drive. Personally I would rather pay a few ££ more and have these included and I think PC World (or any other retailer) should make it quite clear at point of sale you don't get traditional back-up arrangements.

2. There's alot of pre-installed crud on there which can be a bit elusive to get rid of.

3. The GFX card on the 2969 is a ATI 1600 SE, better than a Geforce 6600 I guess but not top of the range.

4. It may have PSU issues as with several USB devices connected including a Seagate external 320Gb drive I have been getting dropout on some of the other ports. Does not bode well for fitting a better GFX card or swapping in the HD's from my old PC later.

Otherwise it seems a fairly reasonable PC but I guess like most brand names it is designed to be used "as is" for a couple of years then chuckable, rather than a long term upgradeable piece of kit.

  Totally-braindead 18:29 24 Jan 2007

Some of these branded PCs are absolute bargains theres no disputing that but I prefer buying something like a Novatech PC. Ok it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles you might get on some of the others but they are completely standard parts, come with a cheap but reasonable 400watt power supply, sometimes more, and you get the full XP disk. I must admit that they are probably a bit dearer but can be less hassle if something does fail.
Also Novatech are the only PC company that have never let me down.

  Hyperangelic 12:10 25 Jan 2007

My Packard Bell PC - purchased 10 years ago with Win95 - is still working fine. It's on its third hard drive and has been upgraded to 98SE but it works perfectly.

As Northernwarrior says, there is a lot of pre-installed stuff which you may not want... but as brands go, I think I certainly got value for money.

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