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  ThisNameIsMine 16:41 03 May 2003

I purchased a Packard Bell Easyone 1550e Laptop a few years ago. I upgraded its memory from 64Mb to 128Mb. Just before the one year warranty ran out the power supply overloaded and it had to go to Belgium to be repaird. The first thig to go wrong was the truck due to pick it up from my house arrived late. Then I recieved a phone call saying it owuld be stuck in France for a few days. When the laptop finally arrived, the cord that connects the transformer to the wall socket was missing. I was unable to use the laptop for a week untill Packard Bell could be bothered to send me a new one. When I finaly booted the computer about 1 month OUTSIDE the warranty. The first thing I noticed was heavy hard disk activity all the time. I then noticed in system properties that my origional 550Mhz proccessor was now a 400Mhz one! Not only that but my 8Mb graphics card was now only 4Mb rendering most of my games unplayable. I couldnt do anything about it because it was out of the warranty. I decided to reinstall windows to see if that was the problem but the master CDs supplied with the laptop refused to function becaue the hardware was different to the origional. I will never by a computer from any member of the NEC retail group and I advise you not to either.

  AMD 4 ever 17:40 03 May 2003

Becareful what you advise! I Have a 15" tft NEC is lovely...had nearly a yr's use and not a problem from it!

Threads like this will get pulled, entitled to your opinion, but you cant advise others to stear clear! Every situation is clear.

  wee eddie 18:32 03 May 2003

If you bought this laptop a few years ago.

Why have ypou posted this now? I can see no relevance to any other post.

As to the problems you had - They relate to unsatisfactory repairs done within the Warrantry period and are therefor covered by the Warrantry.

If you are talking about work that has happened in the last few weeks. I sugest that you collect all the information that you have, including the origional specification, proof of purchase etc, and toddle off down to the Trading Standards Office for a little advice.

First, a quiet call to the place of purchase might get results.

  ThisNameIsMine 18:47 03 May 2003

All I am saying is be warry if you buy something from NEC, if you have a monitor from them and it works fine, no problem. If it goes to be fixed, dont expect it to come back as it left. I suppose that goes for anything.

  wee eddie 19:26 03 May 2003

You said that your laptop went away with a 500Mhz processor and an 8Mg graphics card and returned with a 400Mhz processor and a 4Mg graphics card.

Did you get the same machine back?

If you didn't, perhaps a mistake was made, but apparently you accepted this situation.

your posting isn't convincing.

Don't get me wrong. I have had no contact with NEC ever, but you are making a confusing case for blacking a companies name in a public forum

  Dicmay 19:47 03 May 2003

I have a four and a half year old PB desktop and a I have NEVER ever had a problem with it. It has run flawlessly for all this time. PB would have got my custom again if I hadnt decided to become a self-builder :)

  Pilch.... 19:50 03 May 2003

one is nearly 7 years old, the other 5ish which is now been rebuilt, but he had very few problems with them

  ThisNameIsMine 14:02 04 May 2003

no, it was the same laptop because it had all my documents and wallpaper etc. It also had some drops of tipex on the lid that I accidentally spilled.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:05 04 May 2003

Wee Eddie if you dont think my "posting is convincing. " then I will happily e-mail you a screen shot and confirmation from my friend that the laptop I got back was not the same spec as the one that left. It looked exactly the same. I pressume they replaced the motherboard as it may have been damaged in the power overload and didnt replace the right model. That would also explain the heavy hard disk activity. If you are interested in the screenshots, e-mail me my clicking the envelope near my name.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:15 04 May 2003
  wee eddie 15:08 04 May 2003

If I sent a box of chocolates back 'cos they were faulty. I would kick up merry hell if they sent me half a box back.

what fasinates me is you appear to have accepted this downgrade situation, when, unless the fault was caused by yourself. You should have received a laptop of the same spec or better in return. The fact that this happened near to the end of the warrantry is an irrelevance.

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