P4m 3.06GHz Notebook for £945!!!!!

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 22:44 03 Jul 2003

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What *!@:es me off is the prices in US compared to UK.

Dell Notebook P4m 3.06GHz £945!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get a P4 3.06GHz desktop processsor Notebook for less than £1200 in UK.

Takes the *!@:!

Oh and Prices on the new mobile Pentium 4 chips range from $186 for the 2.4GHz to $417 for the 3.06GHz version. They are about $16 higher than are desktop chips at the same clock speed. The new Celeron chips list for between $74 for the 2.2GHz and $84 for the 2.4GHz. The low power 2.4GHz Celeron lists for $149, while the 2.6GHz Pentium 4-M is $562.

Do the yanks relize how lucky they are when it comes to Electrical prices???

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 22:45 03 Jul 2003

Sorry double post!!

  H-J 23:23 03 Jul 2003

Yeah, but a US spec machine probably takes longer to boot, due to having to display sundry warnings such as do not use in the bath, do not use in a sauna, do not use as a backstop in your basement firing range, do not use while driving, do not sit on while using etc, and whatever else the lawyers can think of in a litigation happy society

  crx1600 23:24 03 Jul 2003

excluding the VAT its cheaper from the UK site than the US. prices start at £908.

u cant blame manufacturers for VAT.

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