P4 3.06 533FSB Northwood HT, can anyone find it?

  Mysticnas 14:11 12 Jul 2005

Hi all,

Just trying to find a P4 3.06 533FSB Northwood HT CPU. It seems to be unavailable. I'm told that most of them were sold by Intel directly to computer manufacturers (Dell, Mesh, Evesham etc), and any that were left over have already been sold now.

So if anyone knows of anywhere that sells it then let me know please. If there's a local shop that sells it i'd be grateful if you could let me know by email or something.

Thanks all.

  gudgulf 16:20 12 Jul 2005

Short of using eBay you are going to struggle.What motherboard do you have?.Is it possible it might support a Prescott processor?

  Mysticnas 21:43 12 Jul 2005

It doesn't support prescott unfortunately.

The only other high spec one is the 2.8 533fsb but without the HT.


  sidecar sid 22:35 12 Jul 2005

Any good?

click here

  Mysticnas 22:58 12 Jul 2005

Thank you!!! :o)

This should be the one. I'll call them in the morning and find out for sure whether it's the one with HT and how many they've got in stock.

Thanks again!!! ;o)

  Mysticnas 11:32 13 Jul 2005

Just called them up. They don't have anymore.

"They're like gold-dust" were his exact words.


  Joe R 12:28 13 Jul 2005


click here

  Mysticnas 13:33 13 Jul 2005

Thank you oh so ever soo ssoooooo much!!

You know i'v been looking for this processor now for about a year n half!!! i called around all the local shops, even put a post up on here a year or so ago.

I've just ordered it, i got the last one!

once again, thank you thank you thank you!!!


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