P C World - good job

  knockin on 18:38 14 May 2007

Since we, quite rightly, quickly report poor service or behaviour from suppliers, I think it only fair to give praise when due.This was a small matter but worth relating:
I bought a pack of 100 blank, writable DVD's from P C World last week. When ready to dub to one of the discs, my recording device reported 'Disc not compatible'.When I look more closely- I see I have, stupidly bought CD's not DVD's.
The staff member at P C World exchanged these without a murmur, despite having no legal requirement to do so, despite the fact that the packing was damaged and that the replacement pack (of 50) was cheaper than my original purchase. He also gave me the change in cash, not as a voucher or credit note. Well done and thank you PC World.By the way I was polite, and none demanding.

  wishtobwireless 18:43 14 May 2007

PC World have helped me no end with my laptop on the wireless connection. Also with my daughters and it was a Dell laptop!
After four visits it was fixed at no cost!

  rickf 10:40 16 May 2007

I guess it varies from branch to branch and I wish they would standardise across the branches. I recently went to buy a LCD TV and they wouldn't tell me their dead pixels policy. When pressed they became very vague. In trying to resolve this, as I really wanted to buy it, I asked about returns policy if somehting went wrong, customer service told me I had to return it w/in 24hrs in order to get a replacement. I pointed out that this is not strictly correct and in breach of my statutory/ consumer rights but they would not have it. They seemed hell bent on ignoring legals rights. You would have expected customer service to be more informed.

  g0slp 11:22 16 May 2007

I have nothing but praise for PC World's Durham store.

  mikeben121 12:37 16 May 2007

My issues with PC World are

1) Price - they are expensive. It makes me laugh when I see something on offer and it is still more expensive than online or smaller shops.

1a) Things aren't priced or the price tags on the shelves don't relate to the product on the shelf.

1b) Proces don't come down when products are superceded. They charge more for older products than for new and expect to sell them.

2) The staff in most stores I have been in are useless when you ask a question, they have no idea. Some are (being generous) incompetent giving bad or wrong advice on products.

On the plus side

1) Its a nationwide chain offering retail in areas where there is no other option.

2) You can sometimes find some old tech things (but see above).

3) When they do it well, and some stores do, its a good place for the novice to shop as long as they are careful.

  kev d 21:36 16 May 2007

Good staff can sell almost anything whereas bad staff have trouble giving it away. I generally use PC World only for blank media (DVD RW etc) and paper only. I buy hardware and software elsewhere.

  wee eddie 22:50 16 May 2007

It sure beats sitting at home, waiting for a delivery.

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