pesneept 11:54 06 May 2014

I bought the June PC Advisor June double mag in it, it says “Ashampoo Music Studio 2013 Full Program Available only on the disc”

That is my problem it is not on the disc if it is I can’t find it


  morddwyd 19:13 06 May 2014

I haven't bought the hmag for a while, but there always used to be a number/address for disc problems.

Try perusing the disc info pages.

  simonjary 06:22 07 May 2014


I'll get the Software editor to answer your question today.

  alanrwood 10:57 07 May 2014

I am a subscriber so not aware of the "double mag" situation. If there were two magazines for the June issue it appears subscribers did not benefit so another question is why not?

I have looked in the actual mag that I received and can't find any reference to Ashampoo Music Studio on cursory inspection. Maybe the OP can let us know where it is mentioned. I have also looked on the DISK+ which came with the mag and this program is definitely not there. In fact only 3 programs are on it and the vast majority of the programs mentioned in the pdf file used to access the disk are not there. I guess they are downloads only. Maybe the Software Editor can explain the situation so we are all aware.

  iscanut 11:12 07 May 2014

I am a subscriber too and only gor the usual one mag, no sign of anything else. The DVD that came with it has ashampoo WinOptimizer 2014 on it but not the Music Studio. alanrwood...click on the Adober Reader file and you will see what else is on the DVD.

  wee eddie 11:16 07 May 2014

There are 2 issues of the magazine every month.

One carries a DVD, which is £1.00 more expensive, and the other a CD. The CD Disk has less Software on it, primarily it leaves off the higher ticket items.

  Software Editor 14:48 07 May 2014


I believe you have received an additional extra bonus magazine when you purchased the magazine. The cover disc associated with this issue is not included with the extra magazine.

The extra magazine included inside the polythene bag is part of a promotion. The magazine inside the bag is an older edition of the magazine that a subscriber would have previously received. It is included with the latest issue currently on-sale as an added value.

Please forward your email address to click here and i will send you the Ashampoo Music Studio 2013 software advertised.

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards, Letitia

[Software Editor}

  pesneept 16:48 07 May 2014

Thanks for your reply Letitia, plus the rest of you.

The second Mag was dated July 2013, I had not seen this before it was pointed out.

I found both Mag very interesting, but I think if they do it again they should make it clear that the disc in the second Mag is not included or include the disc

  alanrwood 21:10 07 May 2014

Thanks for the explanation for the benefit of subscribers however what about those who subscribed after the old issue was sent out?

  simonjary 07:12 08 May 2014

This was a newsstand promotion. It uses previous issues, and saves unsold copies being pulped. Subscribers can rest assured that they save around a third of the newsstand price.

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