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  HXP 23:41 20 Dec 2006

Lead story -

UK Windows Vista price leaked online
Up to 80 percent markup for UK customers

from the story

Stateside customers will be able to get Vista Home Basic for $199 – roughly £102 – a full £50 less than Chillblast is asking for it. That’s a markup approaching 50 percent.

Just wondering if P C advisor is going to champion our (UK) cause and find out why there is the price disparity and if they can help us to pay the same price as they do in the USA ?

Any comments ?

  wags 00:09 21 Dec 2006

We pay more for alot of products things compared to the Americans (CD's, clothes, shoes etc etc), so nothing new there then...... :(

  Kate B 01:07 21 Dec 2006

Piece in Technology Guardian this week about this click here

  xania 09:34 22 Dec 2006

But we've been complaining about rip-off Britain for years - remember the new cars fiasco. It will take an EU commission to sort this out. Meanwhile, the only thing we can do is look out for the smart vendors who are prepared to make a quick buck and stack 'em high - sell 'em cheap.

  spuds 11:29 22 Dec 2006

We are not being 'ripped-off' here in the UK, its all to do with market or volatile forces, or at least that is what the manufacturers would like us to believe.

  The Brigadier 11:32 22 Dec 2006

Linux looks a lot nicer to migrate to, Microsoft have "ripped" off this customer once to often. Even my business will be going over to Linux, the savings in 2 years will be in the thousands!

  bremner 11:55 22 Dec 2006

The US price normally excludes tax - which can be 15%, making the true price about $230. - Currently about £117

...but the current rate of exchange is not sustainable.

Earlier this year I was getting nearer $1.65 to the £. That would put the price of Vista nearer £140 in the States - not that much difference.

  ^wave^ 16:21 22 Dec 2006

for once lets vote with our feet if you dont buy it they will lower the price lets top being down trodden brits

  HXP 00:08 23 Dec 2006

I expected a little more consumer power - as far as I can see there is no reason why w should pay more.

Exchange rates change - agreed - well I am happy to buy in US dollars I don't think I will be worse off.

I am pretty sure the OS is the same apart from some 'local' uk configuration - I don't think this is core writing and surely budgeted in from the begining - I don't think they produce a US version and then customise it at the last minute.

So from the responses we are all happy to pay more.

Good enough response to confirm why they are able to charge us more we no one feels strongly about it , and no response from PCA in champioming the cause - I only change my OS ( apart from 3.1 to 95 ) when I get a new PC and then the cost is hidden.

So probably I don't care either !

  Forum Editor 08:35 23 Dec 2006

because we're busy making sure we get the facts right first.

  HXP 15:32 23 Dec 2006

Thanks FE - I will remian silent awaiting your considered response - perhaps the source material I quote from is unreliable ?

It came from a story in PC advisor .....

click here

Obviously I shouldn't believe all I read

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