Overclockers.co.uk HELL

  kissaten 20:17 21 Jan 2011

Hello forum
I bought pc parts from Overclockers uk back in April last year.
These include: motherboard, cpu, ram, psu and case.
I quickly fround that i was getting a whole range of bluescreens and random crashs. I started phoning for technical support and was told to send the parts back to them. They did find a fualt and replaced a part but the problems persisted after many expensive phone calls that didnt provide any support they took everything back and tested the lot. After testing they completely faild to let me know the parts were ready for delivery in November and I waited till December as they had previously told me that if a part is fualty they will send it away and this will be 28 days.
This last set of test resulted in them saying nothing is wrong with they system yet the problem has gotten even worse as one of the CPU core's isnt working on any burn tests.(the bluescreens are also still coming)
When i asked what to do now the support technician said this "i can probably suggest taking it to a local independant shop to test the items as there is still an issue."
This will cost me around £40-£50.
I was told they will help me no further without one even though i provided them with crash dumps and screenprints of the core not working.

Can anyone help me with how i can legally force them to give me a refund and return the cost of inderpendant testing ??
Also as i am nearing my endo of warranty will i still be entitled to a refund after?

  spuds 22:29 21 Jan 2011

Consumer Direct click here might provide the help you need.

  kissaten 16:19 22 Jan 2011

Thks Spuds I clicked the link you gave and am deffinately going to phone them on monday !!
:( got video evidence of the crash happening now too so hopefully that will help my cause!

  jakimo 11:03 23 Jan 2011

I don't want to be rude,but are you competent or experienced enough to carry out major upgrades or builds,'Overclockers UK' are asking the same question when they suggest you seek the help of a local independent.
There is more to building and getting a system up and running,than just assembling its components

  kissaten 19:28 24 Jan 2011

Yes I am (hopefully) competent have built another working machine. That said if it is human error it would have been nice somewhere within the tens of phone calls to have been asked to send in a youtube of my build then they would have found that out.
I'm running at stock speeds no overclocks.
obvious things such as cpu and socket are all good so is the ram speed and compatability.
Drivers + bios all updated for all parts as instructed by overclockers.
Psu was what they recommended power wise.
should be all good. If Isound defensive very sorry and if you noticed anything I may have missed please tell me I would rather look stupid and have a working pc ^-^

  HondaMan 09:40 25 Jan 2011

It may help us to help you, if you give us a list of what you ordered and received if different.

  kissaten 10:50 26 Jan 2011

yea sure
I5 750
Asus P7P55D-E LX
G.skill rip jaws 1600 @1333 (inline with baseclock)(couldnt tell you which model number as i cant get on to pc to find out)
OCZ 600w model: OCZ600MXSP
generic cd drive
coolermaster scout case

All of which I received.

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