Colin 11:48 31 Jul 2006

Overclockers graphics cards appear to be a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Does anyone have experience of buying a graphics card from them? The cards are a well known brands, but, being cynical can anyone allay my fears?

  Stuartli 12:28 31 Jul 2006

There are occasional complaints (as with any online retailer) but generally Overclockers seems to be well regarded.

They recently had a sale of graphics cards and many several forum members revealed they had taken full advantage.

  spuds 12:41 31 Jul 2006

If you are going to take advantage of any special offers from Overclockers, then do so with haste. These special offers run out very fast. Demand cannot keep up with supply.

  garrema 13:31 31 Jul 2006

Never a problem with overclockers.
Carefully order the exact right thing and you will avoid any need to send anything back.

  Colin 13:51 31 Jul 2006

Thanks for the responses.

  irishrapter 19:12 31 Jul 2006

I buy a lot of stuff from OC and have to say they are great. Very fast at shipping and have a good returns service to, if anything goes wrong.
Prices are not bad, maybe not the cheapest out there but are still very good.

  Colin 20:10 31 Jul 2006

I was going to buy a Radeon XT1800 512MB card from Overclockers. They have one for £234.94, but I found the same at Scan, albeit a Connect 3D not Sapphire, for £184.48. I have ordered it today but it won't be delivered till next Monday, 7 August. Overclockers cards are in stock, but I can wait a week to save over £50!

  Gizmo2005 21:17 31 Jul 2006

I have used them for years, with no problems, great prices, great deals on AMD processors, but you have to be quick off the mark to get the good deals. Had to return a DVD RW got the RMA number and a new one was posted back within a week, good to deal with.

  CurlyWhirly 23:29 31 Jul 2006

I've been using Overclockers since 2003 and have never had a problem with them either.

Very competitive hardware prices too!

  wolfie3000 09:41 01 Aug 2006

iv bought some stuff fromj them, no problems at all.

  Colin 14:55 12 Aug 2006

I never received the Connect 3D card from Scan. Come 7 August, I had heard northing about delivery. I e-mailed Scan and they replied promptly to say that the Connect 3D X1800XT cards were no longer available, (how long would I have waited to find that out if I hadn’t
e-mailed them)? They gave me the option of a refund or changing my order. I ordered a Gecube X1800XT which was £24 dearer but still cheaper than I could find elsewhere. It arrived yesterday, (delivered to work), and I started to install it this morning. The box it came in was a bit tatty and the contents were missing the PCI Express power cable. To me it looks like a returned product because the anti static bag containing the card was not sealed. I will e-mail Scan about this later today. Of course, I wanted to use the card this weekend so went in search of a PCI Express power cable. My local PC World did not have one. I didn’t expect them to, but their component centre has had them in the past. A local PC shop didn’t know what I was talking about! I went to Overclockers, who are only a few miles away, and they had the cable in stock. (£3.47). The card is now up and running perfectly. My 3D Mark scores are 50% to 100% higher than my old X800XL, so I am very satisfied with my purchase. I’ll let you know what Scan says about the cable and condition of the box.

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