RonB 12:04 11 Apr 2006

I have purchased from them many times, their prices are good and orders are automatic..BUT--- if you want help or try to contact them or want a warranty forget it. They do EVERYTHING to avoid. they turned off their e-mail system for a long time (when I had a problem with overdue goods and faulty memory, i tried contacting GEIL direct who contacted OC uk and got them to promise to contact me _ 1 year later still no contact) Phone lines were ignored!!!! I also had an expensive graphics card Ati x80XL -over £317 which failed after 53 weeks, I hadn't used it for the first 5 weeks because of a supply problem of another item (generated by them) and couldn't build the system - their response by e-mail -sorry out of warranty! (I actually got a response this time, but it was from the warranty dept!) but any responsible/reputable company worth anything would have replaced it. AVOID AT ALL TIMES !! I used to put a lot of trade their way too!, indirectly I used to put over £12K/year so they have now lost this. AVOID AVOID

  Harpur 12:49 11 Apr 2006

while i understand the deep seated frustration, the F E will not like the tone of your thread click here this was a thread posted earlier in the day

  spuds 12:49 11 Apr 2006

You could have possibly resolved the issues, if you had contacted click here or click here

With a graphics card costing over £317, then failing after 53 weeks, you may find that the 6 year rule could perhaps be of use to you, in further negotiations.

  spuds 12:53 11 Apr 2006

Error Correction, 2nd link should be:- click here

  RonB 12:58 11 Apr 2006

I saw threads with complaints against other suppliers and thought it was OK as they appeared to be left on. I am really annoyed with OC uk. The saga of ordering went on for months and then I had faulty goods (memory) and now more of the goods I had have died!.Memory AGAIN (geil) I have had to bin the expensive video card so I have lost out big style through OC uk

  Harpur 13:11 11 Apr 2006

there is no problem coming to the forum asking for help and explaining the problem, but telling people not to buy from a company is not up to you. each person makes a decision on where to buy based on a number of factors. many use this forum as a sounding ground as to how a particular company perform in the c/s area and see what individuals reactions are. you will also find there are plenty of knowledgeable people out there who will give sound advice as to possible solutions as spuds has done above. good luck with your quest.


  RonB 13:20 11 Apr 2006

I have looked to see if I can edit out the words avoid but it doesn't seem possible, Perhaps if The FE comes across this can they?

  spuds 13:30 11 Apr 2006

There are no editing facility available, except by the FE, who no doubt will spot the error and correct the mistake.

  Jimmy14 13:30 11 Apr 2006


  RonB 13:34 11 Apr 2006

Whilst you have given an answer, I had chucked the board based on OC's response (after 53 weeks =out of warranty)so I cannot go further with them. My point was to let others know their attitude. So Thx again and i will close this, i hope the FE ammends the original so thers can still see

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