Overclockers trying to give me replacement card

  Oldest son of Bof 21:29 02 Oct 2005

Hi guys,

Long story short, I bought a 6600GT off of overclockers in early July. It started playing up about a month afterwards. I recently found a thread on the official Nvidia forums with 52 pages of other people suffering from the same problems as me.

I approached OcUK concerning a refund which they flatly rejected; they said I could have a replacement card "of equal specs". When I asked what cards were applicable to this, they said "look at the site".

After finding a semi suitable replacement, I asked if it was ok to have the one I wanted. I was told I had to wait for confirmation off of management.

A day later, I phoned to speak to the person dealing with me. He was busy, but promised to phone me back. This was friday, around 12ish. Still had no reply, no email, no phonecall.

I've just emailed them again asking to sort it out. What shall I do if they ignore me further?

  Oldest son of Bof 21:37 02 Oct 2005

click here

This is the thread I found on problems with the 6600GT.

The problems incude suffering from intermittent freezing, crappy performance in games, films freezing, windows being generally slower than usual etc. My PC spec's are as follows:

AMD xp3200 CPU
GA-7NNXP Nforce2 Mobo
1Gb Dual channel memory
Fresh install of Windows XP Pro (with SP2)

I know it's not top of the range, but it shouldn't be performing as bad as it does. I've been doing a bit of experimenting with various drivers, and have found the following things:

The PC works better in safe mode than it does with drivers installed. This confirms what many of us have found, i.e. the drivers are broken. Freezes at startup are cured without drivers installed, but then you have crappy performance due to lack of drivers or a duff chip

I have found the strangest thing though... the random freezes at startup can be recovered from on my PC by simply turning my monitor off and back on again. Again, I stress, this works on my PC. Someone will have to test it on theirs to see if it works. Also, the choppy performance in windows disappears once I open a game (which IIRC, is when the GPU clocks itself at 500MHz) leading me to believe the bad performance in windows is possibly related to the clock speed of the GPU.

  Grouse ® 23:21 02 Oct 2005

I'm sure I read somewhere about Nforce motherboards causing problems, and turning off fastwrites for the graphic card can help.

I would download driver cleaner, run this after removing the driver you have just now, and reinstall the latest driver fron Nvidia "78.01" it seems to work............

  Stuartli 13:08 03 Oct 2005

You might be interested in reading this great guide to nVidia chipset graphics cards and how to get the best out of them:

click here

There are a number of other very well written guides from author Koroush Ghazi also available via the link.

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