THOMASIO 16:56 25 Aug 2005

I have ordered some equpment from Overclockers UK.
I have a query have tried all day to contact them but am unable to get a reply to telephone calls, anyone else have this problem.

  Stuartli 17:38 25 Aug 2005

Overclockers has a WebResponse system on its website via the Contact Us button.

There's another thread on the same subject from within the past two or three days.

  BJN 15:45 26 Aug 2005

Good luck you'll need it trying to contact overclockers, their telephone system is usless,if you are lucky to get the call answered your in a automated system that either cuts you off or keeps you hanging on for along time then cuts you off with no warning. They don't have email contact an more.

I spent days and hours telephoning them regarding a shortage in a delivery. I finaly got to speak to a living person (for what help they where they may as well have been dead)they now did not stock the item and insisted I had an alternative and refused a refund on missing part. I finaly had to contact my Credit Card company to sort out the problem. Even they admitted that Overclockers where a problem and difficult to contact.


  Stuartli 16:47 26 Aug 2005

The WebResponse reply from Overclocker is by e-mail.

Presumably the WebResponse system is a form of e-mail contact similar to the Contact the FE one on this website.

  BobbyX 21:05 26 Aug 2005

Their site seems to have all the cool stuff listed. When I ordered stuff I made sure they had everything first. They still messed it up I needed it before a certain date I left plenty of time incase as i was ordering alot of parts. They were extremley late I called them to ask where the stuff was they said they were waiting on some parts to come in as I said I was furious as I called prior to ordering. As usual the sales staff try to fob you off. It's not thier fault as they are the small fish it's the managers and directors who create the problem and they are left to bare the brunt of screaming customers. I worked for company that had similar problems before they became bankrupt. When companies show these signs it is not good as all companies that that fall go through a similar pattern of extremley bad service as with certain PC brands in the past.

  dave_and_confused 15:05 27 Aug 2005

I ordered over a thousand pounds worth of kit for a one off PC build. It all arrived with no problems and on time. In fact every order i have placed with tme has arrived one-time (usually the next day) and been 100% correct.

Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone one does. Otherwise they wouldn't be in business now would they?

  harps1h 18:47 27 Aug 2005

i bought a coolermaster stacker and had it in 2 days in january. no problem

  RonB 22:56 26 Jan 2006

I have purchased from them several times, their prices are good and orders are automatic..BUT--- if you want help or try to contact them or want a warranty forget it. they do EVERYTHING to avoid. they turned off their e-mail system for a long time (when I had a problem with overdue goods and faulty memory, i tried contacting GEIL direct who contacted OC uk and got them to promise to contact me _ 1 year later still no contact) Phone lines are ignored!!!! I also had an expensive graphics card Ati x80XL -over £317 which failed after 53 weeks, I hadn't used it for the first 5 weeks because of a problem generated by them and couldn't build the system - their response by e-mail -sorry out of warranty! (I actually got a response this time) but any responsible/reputable company worth anything would have replaced it. AVOID AT ALL TIMES !!

  Sepulchre 23:26 26 Jan 2006

I've built 2 seperate PC's over the last w.5 years, both high spec and all bought from OCUK. I've never had any trouble with them even when a mobo had to be RMA's it was all handled very well and efficiently. They did forget to include COD2 witha gfx card I bought recently, but after leaving a web note it was with me the following day. Sure they do get things wrong, but find a company that doesnt!

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