outrageous wait for BT set up

  rickf 20:40 02 Sep 2010

I think it's outrageous that I have to wait from the 26th Aug to the 6th Sept for BT to activate my landline since my move on the 26th. Needless to say, using a dongle at the moment, I can't access the internet through my ISP PLusnet because of it. Too many frustrations tomention having to use a dongle.
In this day and age when almost everything, at least in my case, is transacted via the net is BT way behind the times??

  Forum Editor 21:08 02 Sep 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  peugeot man 06:41 03 Sep 2010

When I moved house BT connected me on the day I moved.

I had advised them of my moving date a month before and they handled the changeover every well.

How much notice did you give them ?

  onthelimit 09:22 03 Sep 2010

Could also depend on whether a line is already present at the new address. If 'yes', it normally only takes a few days to switch the wiring in the exchange. If 'no', then a feed has to be provided.

  rickf 10:03 03 Sep 2010

Yes, there was already a BT line with BB in the new place. I too had a BT line with BB in my old flat.

  ventanas 11:00 03 Sep 2010

About par though. I moved recently to a new build where there was no previous line. I haven't been with BT for some time, but it's still them that have to do the initial work.
It was a three week wait and then they failed to turn up, came next day instead when I was out. Fortunately I wasn't far away so managed to get back in time to accommodate them. When asked what went wrong yesterday just got a shrug of the shoulders from the sub-human who had turned up.
It was then another week for the internet to be activated.
I left BT a while back because I have absolutely no faith in their ability to anything efficiently or caringly. When I cancelled their BB last year I had a call from someone aggressively telling what could happen if they were not my ISP.
Needless to say I invited him to "take a trip"
I can say without any doubt that I will never go back to them.

  rickf 11:10 03 Sep 2010

Was told it would be activated on the 6th when I order my simultaneous transfer, ie including BB. Phoned themjust now for an update and now told 7th instead. OK it's one day later than promised but it goes to show how "efficient" they rae. The problem is BT has the monopoly of the landlines. More competition is surely needed to get them off their a....!!

  ronalddonald 22:13 05 Sep 2010

I had to wait upto 2 weeks for my tel line bring back busby.

  rickf 14:47 08 Sep 2010

I am up at last. The past 8 days felt like I had lost a very dera friend. Definitely bereft and in mourning. I am good again and can join the human race.

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