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  big_lads 09:05 16 Jan 2003
  big_lads 09:05 16 Jan 2003

Last week (9th) I placed an order for TV and Broadband services through the ntl:home website. I immediately got an email back 'signed' by their MD thanking me for the order and informing me that they would be in touch 'within 7 working days'.

Yesterday, my partner rang me while I was at work to say that a couple of NTL employees were poking around outside our flat checking where they had installed cabling a couple of years ago (we moved abroad for a year or so, and obviously stopped using their service). Thinking that things were moving, I telephoned the contact number that I was emailed.

After 25 minutes of holding I got through to somebody who was admittedly fairly helpful, but I was mortified to find out that they claimed they 'had no record' of any order being placed and I then had to go through the whole rigamarole again. I was also surprised to find out that the services I had ordered on the website that was going to cost about £77 p.c.m. was now costing an extra £5 and this couldn't be explained. Also, installation could not take place before Jan 29th (20 days after the original order) and there were 'no Saturdays' available for installation so I have to take time off from work.

So, sharp practice ("he phoned up, let's get some more money from him") or simply bad administration? Bearing in mind their current financial state ut doesn't bode well for the future if on-line orders aren't being processed.

  TBH1 12:26 16 Jan 2003

so what were this couple of ntl employees doing outside your house if they had no record of you ordering ?

  big_lads 14:10 16 Jan 2003

Don't know - they didn't hang around for a chat!

  Allan-263226 14:15 16 Jan 2003

Just bad administration, i work for a fellow telco and i'm not surprised by the sercie. I live in an NTL franchise and have thier services. the contact numbers on average take around 20 mins to finally get through and then you seem to get people who are fairly incompetent. No doubt the person you spoke to was on 'COMMISSION' for the sale! With regards to the Techs coming to do the installation, that is fair... they have numerous amounts of calls for techs and you are just in line along with the customers already on there books.

  spuds 22:46 16 Jan 2003

Did you do a print-out of the web material including prices!.Regarding the price changes, I would notify the NTL about their MD's thank you response, surely this was a confirmation!.

  big_lads 09:03 17 Jan 2003

There'll be a letter winging it's way to NTL shortly ;-)

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