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  Andy 999 20:50 13 Jan 2003
  Andy 999 20:50 13 Jan 2003

I know this sounds like a stupid question but i have a query concerning Zen ADSL. I don't know if i should choose 1IP address or 8 IP Adresses. I will be using a router not a modem and will be linking a couple more computers on a home network via the router and network cards.
Im not sure which option to choose, pleasse sould someone advise me on the options.

Thanks in advance

  Thin White Duke 21:49 13 Jan 2003

If you're using a router all you need is one IP address, there is no need for anymore.

Enjoy your ADSL experience! :D

  Pilch.... 22:55 13 Jan 2003

I have the zen, and they like to give each computer its own personal IP address, although the router's IP is the only one that is seen on the internet.

They are a good company, even though they are slightly higher prices than a lot of companies, the service is great...

  Hunte® 23:22 13 Jan 2003

Andy999, if you aren't worried about each PC having direct access to the web (and having the associated security risks with this) and your router supports NAT then I would go with the 1 IP option.

If however you want to run any servers on your ADSL then the 8 IP option is probably your better route.

For most home users 1 IP is more than enough and this way, once setup the router can supply net access for many PC's.

  Andy 999 19:04 14 Jan 2003

thanks for your replies, 1 IP address it is then.

Oh, by the way, Thin White Duke, I will definately enjoy ADSL!


  Thin White Duke 00:01 15 Jan 2003

Oh, i 'know' you will.

Online gaming, downloading etc etc, you won't know what to do with your free time!

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