Ordered Mesh best buy pc

  User-9A301A1F-01D2-4B94-A9F1461E8F998ED4 10:06 26 Oct 2004

Just yesterday i ordered the PC advisor best buy for superbudget pc's: the Mesh Matrix 64 3200+ SBPC. Looks very impressive and i'm looking forward to receiving it.

However a few hours after placing the order online i registered on these forums. Now i'm very worried about my order. Every other post seems to be a complaint about Mesh. Having never bought anything from them before and not having much experience with computers this is quite scary.

I've thought about it and decided to as i see it gamble and give Mesh the benefit of the doubt. They must have a lot of very satisfied customers as well as unsatisfied. I would really like some reassurance however.

Hopefully i will get a great PC with absolutely no problems. In which case i will make sure to post about a pleasant experience buying from Mesh.

Go Mesh!:)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:00 26 Oct 2004

if you have a problem. Just think of how many satisfied Mesh customers there are - they just don't bother to post, it's only the ones with problems that have the motivation to post (though I'm sure this forum would be one of 'last resort')

  smurfling 11:05 26 Oct 2004

I got my Mesh on Friday 22 in the evening, Plug n Play straight out of the box on Saturday morning. I to was aprehensive after having read lots of problems people have had, but, so far mine is ok and I hope it stays that way. As you say you only seem to get the negative in the forum and not so much of the positive things. Good luck with yours when it arrives

  MINKS 12:30 26 Oct 2004

I received my Mesh computer 24 July which was the date promised by Mesh. Had to go to Amtraks local depot to collect it myself as their driver was off work sick (can't blame Mesh for that).

Opened the boxes, the tower unit was perfect.
The TFT was silver, I ordered black. Mesh sent me a returns note to change it but I declined as I couldn't trust Amtrak and I wasn't going to take a day off work for Amtrak to collect it and another day for them to deliver the correct one.

Connected everything up and everything was fine except the floppy drive did not work. E-mailed Mesh Technical support and the problem was sorted very quickly. E-mails to Mesh Technical are always answered very quickly, cannot fault them.

Apart from the few teething problems I am very happy with system. I hope everything goes well for you Wormwood.

  iscanut 13:19 26 Oct 2004

I have had a Mesh for nearly 3 years now..Never any problems down to them, only of my own doing ! I would buy from them again. I am sure that for every problem aired on this site re Mesh, there are hundreds of satisfied customers.

  Tenacious Green 13:32 26 Oct 2004

I can only echoe comments. I had mine delivered on the date thay estimated and no major problems, other than me downloading SP2, not knowing the imcompatibility issue at the time with 64-bit machines. (although I still dare not put it on). They sorted that for me with a restore to factory settings and all has been well since (touch wood).

P.S. Watch out for Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD, Caused a few crashes, but was uninstalled no looking back. ( Now use Roxio )

I recommend.

  Tenacious Green 13:41 26 Oct 2004

I have that same machine (Only 3000+, they upped it 4 weeks after I got mine!). Keep us updated on your thoughts.

  It's Me 16:54 26 Oct 2004

Got mine in July, after a row with Amtrac, which had nothing to do with Mesh except that they will use them.

I also had a minor problem with Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD which I threw out v. quickly and put in Nero.

Works like a dream.

And their work on the SP2 problem is an example to other makers.

Thanks everyone. I will let you know how things go.

  Dellman 21:57 26 Oct 2004

We bought two pcs bout a month ago.............no problems and pleased with the mahines!! :o)

  Vague Boy 22:53 26 Oct 2004

My experience is similiar to smurfling, Arrived a month ago. Everything worked straight out of the box and so far, no problems.

I seem to be a having a better time with Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD as well.

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