order 247 - bust or not ?!!

  john.c 20:33 11 Feb 2005

Scanning through my newly arrived PC Advisor (April) edition today and noticed with some alarm that an article on page 14 'PC Firms on the critical list' mentions that Order 247, amongst others, has closed.
If this is the case the web site order247.co.uk is looking very healthy for a defunked, closed business and still seems to be taking and processing orders.
Anyone know if they are still legitimately trading ?
Just about to place an order and can't find any other posts on this so would appreciate a response from anyone who is in the know.

  john.c 14:08 13 Feb 2005

Thanks, didn't realise they were part of the Carrera group - couldn't try them until today (Sunday) but all I am getting is an answerphone message saying they will get back to me.Think this is a case of wait and see rather than risk it - shame cos they are very cheap on the xp2400 at the mo (£40 inc v.a.t). Not so cheap if they don't send it.......

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