OrangeProblems now! I'm disconnected again!

  WanadooProblems 13:12 26 Jul 2006

Hello all,

After a previous 9week nightmare with Wanadoo (now Orange) where I had no broadband, I have had 3 months of blissful, non-interrupted connection... UNTIL Wedneday last week.

I'm disconnected once again. "Link Down" is what I see on the configuration pages.

After all the troubles I went through the last time, I can't believe it's happened again.

Last time round I set up a website called (click here) and after posting here about the website, PC Advisor got in touch with Wanadoo. My post is here:

click here

PC Advisor got the ball rolling - Wanadoo PR team immediately called me. Thank you PC Advisor (and I did thank them back then).

Since setting up the above-mentioned website, Wanadoo rebranded to Orange. And so it follows that (click here) was started.

I'll post back here and keep you guys updated with my prgress - though not much to report other than being given the run-around... Again.

Here's teh story so far.

Just when you think your troubles are over...

My broadband is OFF again!

After 3 months of uninterrupted Orange (Wanadoo) service, I am now without broadband again.

Wednesday 19 July 2006 (approx 10.00h):

Without warning, loss of internet connection. @ Light flashing quickly. No settings had been disturbed, no plugs unplugged, no WinXP crash, etc...

Checked settings - "Link Down" was my message!

I thought I would leave phoning Orange until the next day, in case there was a major outage (in which case there would be thousands of calls and no answers). I can live without broadband for one day I thought (but there was always that thought in the back of my mind.. "Not again").

Thursday 20 July 2006 (17.05h)

Called technical support. Spoke to "J"
Explained situation. J recommended factory resetting the Livebox. Ensure you re-enter your UN and PW he told me. OK.

Phone call ended 17.11

Reset the Livebox (as per the instructions on Orange's technical help pages).
Re-entered UN and PW as told by J.
Synchronisation in progress... ... .. For over 3 minutes so stopped it. Still showing link down.
Still no broadband.

  WanadooProblems 13:13 26 Jul 2006

Friday 21 July 2006 (13.30h)

Called technical support. Spoke to "M".

Explained situation. Still Link Down.
M said that he would organise a line test (Oh no I thought!). Also suggested that I try and change the filter with a spare that I have. He told me to try the new filter as soon as I got off the phone else it may interfere with the line test. OK.
M told me to call back Monday morning for the result of the line test. OK.

Phone call ended (? time)

Tried swapping the filter with a spare one. No effect. Tried resetting Livebox with new filter and entering UN and PW. No effect. Still link down.

Monday 24 July 2006 (13.40h)

Phoned technical support. Spoke to "P".
Asked for result of line test.
P explained that the results on his screen were in shorthand and that he didn't understand them... Would you mind holding while I clarify them with the faults department he asked. OK.

P came back to me - unfortunately, the line test got suspended during the test. The test couldn't be completed.

P told me another line test would have to be undertaken. Will have the result back on 23 July 2006.

I asked to speak to a team leader. 6 minutes later, transferred to "J2" in the escalations team. He explained that the test could not be completed (so no more news there then). He took my mobile telephone number and told me that he would call me back later on today with results of line test (so quick I thought!).

End of call 14.08h

No call back was received! (No surprises there really).

Tuesday 25 July 2006 (14.32h)

Called technical support. Spoke to "A".

Asked for result of line test.

The system is slow A told me. One minute. Then the fault management system would not load on his screen. One minute, would you mind holding. OK.

A came back. Unable to get result of line test. Please call back in 2 hours time. OK.

Tuesday 25 July 2006 (17.45h)

Called technical support. Spoke to "L"
Line test detected a fault.
L told me that he would create an appointment for an engineer to visit the exchange to check the hardware. He said that BT work ‘til 20.00h and should be there tonight if they are not busy (to this I pointed out that there was probably no chance in a million years that an engineer would be in the exchange today).
Asked to speak to a team leader.

L put me through to "S" a supervisor, but warned me that S was not technically trained!!!
Spoke to S. Told her my situation and explained that I had had serious issues with Orange (Wanadoo) in the past. She was aware of my extended notes on my account.
I also explained that I had been given a gratuitous 3 months of broadband by Orange on the last problem I had and in fact, that gratuity ends today! She gave me another two months free broadband! - I did however explain that I would rather pay for my broadband than free broadband without any!
S promised me that I would get a technical support call back by 22.00h this evening - I explained that I was promised a call back yesterday. She gave me her word that I would get a call back.
I asked for a direct telephone number to S. She gave me her extension number and said that she was at the Rotherham centre. I then said that in order for me to speak to her, I must get connected to the Rotherham centre for an agent to transfer me. Yes she said. I explained that this was ridiculous. If (and I am not sure how many call centres Orange has) they have three call centres, I only have a one in three chance (each time I phone) of actually getting through to the correct call centre. It could take me a number of phone calls to get through - all costing me money. I said that she must have a direct line. No she said. Just an extension number.
I then went on to explain that I still had contact details of their PR team and would be in touch with them tomorrow morning if I did not get my call back. I would also lodge an official complaint against S for promising me a call back and not getting one.

So now I wait and see.....

Call ends 17.58h (approx)

  WanadooProblems 13:13 26 Jul 2006

Wednesday 26 July 2006 – Update

Didn't get the call back that was promised unequivocally by S the supervisor in technical support yesterday.

S guaranteed me I would receive a technical support call back by 22.00h yesterday. She also told me yesterday that she would “keep an eye” on my account to ensure that I did get my call back and would regularly check the status of my OrangeProblems.

Wednesday 26 July 2006 (10.15h)

Phoned Wanadoo.

Tried to talk to a technical guy “TG” that I spoke to at the tail-end of my problems the last time I was without broadband (for over 9 weeks). Unfortunately, so “C” told me, he is on a training course today.

Left my details with “C” and told her that I would call him back tomorrow as I did not really want to deal with somebody else as TG had sorted my problem in three days the last time and would, inevitably, remember the issues surrounding my OrangeProblem.

Wednesday 26 July 2006 (10.28h)

Phoned Wanadoo technical support - wanted to speak to S as I had her extension number.

Asked the agent whether this was Rotherham offices. Yes he replied! Could I have extension ***** please. He asked for my name and duly attempted to transfer me...

I waited (listening to that awful music)...

The agent came back - we are very busy this morning I can't get through. Would you like to keep holding? ... Yes I replied...

Agent came back to me (10.35h) - We're really busy this morning, I'm finding it hard to get through to that extension number... I interrupted... I'll hold please. Alright he replied.

Came back to me again a few minutes later - Can't put you through at the moment. Could you call back this afternoon ( - bear in mind I am supposed to be getting the call back - ).. No I replied. I want to speak to that extension number now please. We are really busy this morning the agent replied. You should get through this afternoon as we will not be as busy... I asked whether he could take a message - No that is not possible. I would be better calling back this afternoon. Again he said that he could not put me through right now!

I did question the agent as to whether he had actually spoken to "S" and she had refused (or was avoiding) the call... Coyly he replied that the line was busy and he couldn't transfer me!

Call ended 10.47h

Now on to the PR Team...

Spoke to "J" at the PR office.
He has promised me a call back today - I gave him my phone number (as I do with all of Orange's staff)... We'll wait and see!

  phil46 13:57 27 Jul 2006

Why don't you just cancel your contract? if they can't provide you with the service you pay for they can't hold you to that contract.
You don't say if you are wireless or ethernet
myself i gave up with wireless i would get about 1or2 weeks then the green LED'S would turn yellow and that was the end of my broadband so i use a ethernet router never had a problem in 3 years.

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