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  billy8 16:33 12 Jun 2007

I am having getting a sensible response from Orange to some problems.

I would like to take the matter to a higher level and write to a director of the company in the UK

Does anyone know the name of the Director of Customer Relations or Care or perhaps the Managing Director or CEO for Orange UK or Orange Home UK?

  Forum Editor 19:05 12 Jun 2007

I'm currently in touch with Orange with regard to the many complaints we've seen in the forum.

If you fancy explaining your problems in more detail I'll see what I can do.

  laurie53 08:29 13 Jun 2007

May I add to Blly8?

My Orange connection keeps dropping. perhaps every 5 to 10 minutes or so, for between 30 secs and two minutes.

The only help I've had from Orange is check my filters and a new router lead.

It's more of an inconvenience at the moment, tho' a problem doing a download.

I'm on the verge of overcoming my natural inertia and changing ISPs!

  billy8 15:55 14 Jun 2007

I have had several problems since I took out this Broadband /Mobile contract that I am locked into.

While much of the Broadband issues are largely resolve, I regularly get disconnected and have to switch the Livebox off and back on which takes about 10-15 minutes.

My main problem at the moment is with my mobile. Again, I had a number of problems when I started this service which were not entirely answered but lately I visited NewYork and was unable to connect to a service depsite phoning before I left and being assured that my phone was set up for USA. Despite many many e-mails, many letters and phone calls, I am still none the wiser whether my phone will operate in USA.

Customer Care is useless, at one point they even called me to say that I was being transferred to someone that may help, left me hanging on for 15 minutes before returning to say that they were really busy and would I mind holding further which I did for 10 more minutes bfore hanging up. A novelty that, making you hold on when they call you! I have had no further help. If you can do anything, great, but I would still like to try to approach someone respsonsible because their service is attrocious.

  darina 09:20 22 Aug 2007

I am also having problems getting a civil reponse from orange regarding their service and third party dealers. I have contacted them by phone at least ten times and in writing to no avail. Any suggestions

  Alan2 22:39 22 Aug 2007

This is really responding to FE’s request for examples of Orange problems and I apologise if I’m muscling in on billy8’s thread.

I have been a subscriber since the early Freeserve days but early this year I began to experience a deteriorating service.

In March the connection became extremely flaky and I lost the ability to send emails via Outlook through the SMTP setup and the only help I received from Orange simply repeated what was stated in their help guides which just didn’t work.

I could receive emails though.
In the end I resorted to subscribing to an external SMTP provider [AUTHSMTP] at £14pa which is excellent.

About 2 weeks ago I found I couldn’t receive POP emails and again Orange were no help as I’d already tried their suggested solutions but to overcome the intermittent connection problems I was promised a new modem as my current one is no longer supported – this has not yet materialised but I don’t believe the source of the problems is the modem anyway.

I have now resorted to using GMail to get a reliable email service but I am researching a new ISP - the comments I’ve seen on Waitrose.Com are interesting.

  SURVEY 11:13 23 Aug 2007

FE - You will no doubt have seen my postings with regard to my Orange Account. I have been with Freeserve then Wanadoo and now Orange and at each change of name the service has worsened. I still get dropped connections mainly in the afternoon; the broadband drops for approx 30sec/1 minute every few minutes or so. Speaking to BT they tell me that this is due to inadequacies in Qrange's installations at the local exchange. Orange will not confirm or deny this to me when asked this specific question.

Additionally the so-called support service is hopeless. I often cannot understand the so-called English language spoken and the knowledge of these 'technicians' is very poor indeed. This forum is so much more useful! Email takes forever and then one receives an answer to a question not asked rather than reading and responding to a specific query.

All in all very poor. To be fair I recently set up a BT Internet account in readiness for a switch away from Orange but even with BT I have found the same poor support service using sub-continent employees with little knowledge.

  logoff 13:50 23 Aug 2007

I too have been having problems recently. I joined when Wanadoo and although the Broadband is generally OK it does recently lose the connection quite often which involves having to switch off the livebox and switch on later. Sometimes several times. My guess is this has been happening a lot more frequently recently.

My main problem is with the phone-went on to the free broadband with mobile contract deal and chose an Orange SPV C600 unit-mainly because of the good review on PCA! The phone has proved nothing but problematic. Three units replaced so far; can't set up e-mail. Think this is due to having wanadoo username and other settings and not sure what the correct ones-especially the SMTP settings should be. Orange give what looks like good information on how to set up your phone for e-mail on their website-phone specific-but does not work for me. Suggests smtp setting of I e-mailed the help centre and they phoned back eventually suggesting work.
Also, phone keeps giving error message saying short of storage space and won't let me take/save photos-only one saved and have just put in a 2.0 Gb Sandisk unit in-bought from Orange accessories.

  billy8 14:18 19 Sep 2007

Well, I thought it was time to return to the subject that seems to have sprung back to life.

My problems with Orange just go on and on also. My Livebox cuts out also. At first it was now and then but now it is at least once a day. I have to unplug it and it takes 10-15 minutes to re-set.

The service appears to be getting slower and slower.

On top of that I still have problems with my mobile phone paricularly when I have been abroad, just the time when you can't do anything about it.

I get spurious messages appearing that no-one knows anything about, and the latest problem is that I am unable to download my phone bill so that I can check why I seem to be getting charges added to my bill that have nothing to do with me.

Some time ago the Forum Editor advised that he was proposing to contact Orange with various problems that readers had raised, I would be interested to know whether anything came of that.

Personally, I just can't wait for my contract to run out so that I can change both my phone and my broadband to another supplier!

  daveeb 10:52 20 Sep 2007

On a side note has anyone managed to register their phone with Orange to get a £1 credit and various other text and call offers. I've been trying online for a month and just get a message saying there is a problem with the server and that Orange is aware of the problem. Very poor service indeed IMO.

  SURVEY 12:25 20 Sep 2007

I too await soem feedback from the FE's contacts with Orange. In particular I would like to know:

1. What is the actual cause for constant drop-outs of the connection evry minute or so for approx. 30 seconds at various times during the day. Is it a overlaod fo the Orange equipment at the exchanges as BT seems to hint? Orange won't positively answer this to me. And thus would it be better with say BT as the ISP?

2. When is the technical help going to improve? We do not need people who read from scripts and have no real knowledge. We also need English speakers or at least those without accents that are dfficult to understand.

3. Why so much SPAM (and duplicated SPAM messages)getting through with Orange? I have full AV and anti-spam protection and am careful with internet surfing but I am sure that Orange could cut a lot of this at source. Do they care?

Can the FE respond to this?

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