Orange SPV + contract

  so3003 09:07 24 Jun 2003

Hi everyone

Looking for some advice / any warnings I should be aware of before taking the plunge and buying!

Interested in buying Orange SPV along with camera attachment - I've seen it for £40 at Dialaphone, or £50 at Mobileshop with a 64mb memory card - is this a good phone, and is this a good price for it do you think?

For contract, I want cross network minutes (friends on O2 and Orange) though I'll mainly be calling offpeak, and most importantly lots of messages each month.

I know that Orange do a tariff match (do they still do this?!), and I wonder if there are any better tariffs around than their Anytime 120 which is 120 anytime/xnet mins and 120 messages for £25/month.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer!


  Ellie3009 11:37 24 Jun 2003

I have also been looking at getting a new orange phone on their tarriff match (Orange Value Promise) scheme, but what I am finding is that if you connect to one of these plans rather than their own "your plan" things, you won't get a free/cheap phone, you will have to pay full whack, and I suspect with the SPV that will be a fair bit!
Also, Orange do monthly text messages bundles, but NOT if you are on a matched tariff, and the Orange Care insurance package will cost you an extra £5 a month if you want it.

If you aren't determined to get the SPV you could go on the T-mobile tariff called "everyone 200 off-peak" which is around £15 a month, and includes 200 off-peak cross-network mins, tho no texts. However, you could get text messages bundles seperately and it still works out less than the orange 120 deal!

Hope this helps...

Avoid like the plague -

I have had the SPV since December and have literally had nothing but trouble with it. Including;

Keypad Locked, Loose Signal and phone will not pick up signal again. If this happens when the phone is in your pocket you will be "Unavailable" untill you reboot.

A Reboot takes anything upto five minutes - far too long!

The answer machine Icon simply will not go off when you delete a message. Orange say that I must phone the mobile from a landline, leave myself a message and then delete it - yeah right!

Do I need to go on? There are other, better phones out there now that can do as much if not more than the SPV. My money is on these.

Try click here for good deals.

I have just this second put the phone down on Orange Customer Services as I was trying to contact them anyway before I saw this thread.

THe problem is the answer machine Icon not going out and they acknowledge there is a problem and that to resolve it you HAVE to CALL (at your cost) YOUR OWN PHONE leave YOURSELF a message and then delete it. You have to do this AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO REMOVE THE ICON.

They will not budge on this nor give me a new phone or another model. Thats the bottom line take it or leave it.

Me? Im off to the court service website to download form N1.

We will see what happens.......

  helmetshine 00:02 26 Jun 2003

Well i've had my SPV for just over 2 months now and never had any of the problems Smiffy99 has had.I think all of their plans are cross network,mine is anyway and i've got the most basic plan you could get As for the phone itself..i've played DOOM on it,watched videos i'd downloaded from the net,surfed the net,spoke to friends on msn messenger,read and sent emails,taken a few pictures and,VERY occasionally,made a phone call as well.As you can probably tell,i've been very pleased with it so far.You can get better phones,but not anywhere near the price.

  so3003 01:03 26 Jun 2003

Thanks for the info so far guys. The other phone I looked at is the Samsung V200, but it's just too damn expensive! Think I'll go to the shops at weekend to investigate...

Keep the advice coming though!


  Hunte® 19:39 26 Jun 2003

If you haven't already done so then make sure you phone the Executive Office. They are based in Bradley Stoke, Bristol and regularly provided me with things that according to the CS helpline were impossible.

Please, please, send me as much detail as possible. Telephone or email addresses etc.

I am deadly serious about making a claim and the only positive advice I have had from Orange is to phone up CS and say that one of the keys wont work - they cannot diagnose the "fault" and will have to replace the handset.

While this gets me a new phone I am so livid at the attitude to the problem that I really have the bit between my teeth and have the papers ready to file!

  so3003 22:08 26 Jun 2003

A bit off-topic, but why don't you contact Watchdog? The consumers champion and all that jazz...!

I am a 37 year old final year Law student - the experience is good for me, as well as a claim in the Employment Tribunal and another against a company who received returned goods and failed to refund the purchase price, I have a busy summer ahead!!!

against a who

Should read "against a rogue company"

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