Orange Service Connection Dropping Out

  SURVEY 15:19 09 Jun 2007

I have read with interest the recent thread regarding Orange Email problems. I have a freeserve address and have not had any real problem sending and receiving emails. As you will gather from my freeserve address, I have been through the freeserve, wanadoo, orange name changes and definitely think that the service has worsened at every change of name!

Over the last few months my ADSL line has dropped out, mainly in the afternoons. It drops out, will allow me to reconnect for about 30 seconds then drops out again for about 30 seconds, then allows reconnection for 30 seconds or so etc etc. This can continue for an hour or more, then all is OK for maybe several days.

I have contacted Orange and regrettably this is to India and it is quite difficult to understand what their customer ‘service’ people say. They have little knowledge and always insist that the problem is with ones own equipment etc. Perseverance and they then always say they will check the line but I then have to phone them back the next day for the result. Quite often the result is that a fault has been found and will be rectified by their Engineers within a couple of days. When there is no change, one has to phone them again and they will then do another line check and this means phoning them back 24 hours later. On and on it goes. Absolutely hopeless. Orange will not email a response with the result of line checks etc – it is up to the customer on their 0870 number.

I did manage to speak to BT who inform me that with the type of problem I decsribed the cause is almost certainly Orange having too little capacity on their servers and/or at their own exchanges. This could be so as there does seem to be a drop out at the same busy time in the afternoons/early evenings. If so, it is a pity that Orange will not just admit this so the customer can either accept it or migrate elsewhere rather than having to phone them to no purpose..

I am also getting tons of Spam messages despite having AVG, Spybot. Adaware, Mailwasher etc. Orange surely can do something about this. I know I can dump this at their server using Mailwasher but should not Orange be able to control the obvious Spam?

My Broadband contract has expired with Orange and despite having been a loyal customer of theirs for years, I feel that I must migrate. I am thinking of btinternet as at least thye do answer promptly and have the service deaprtments under their own control. With Orange it is only a last resort that they will contact BT for any line checks etc. Is BT any better? It is more expensive that’s for sure but worth paying for if the service is better.

  amonra 18:06 09 Jun 2007

Same problem here, Orange/wanadoo NEVER admit liability for intermittent breaks, everything going nicely, then bang ! out it goes for minutes at a time. I think a lot of the trouble is them consolidating their network and switching main lines to their servers. I've had enough and I'm off to Newnet next tuesday. At least they offer a one month contract so I can get out if necessary.
Dont hang about, get out, vote with your feet!

  SURVEY 18:14 09 Jun 2007

amonra - it is a shame that they care so little about customer service that they will not admit they are the cause of these problems. If they were to say that, I think that I may even stick with them knowing they are working to sort matters out and saving me having to waste time and money phoning them to report faults that cannot be sorted out by checking my line time and time again!

  p;3 14:44 10 Jun 2007

I am with BT internet and have BT broadband; in the ? three ? maybe more, years I have been with them I have had the server off line only once ;I get(so far)no spam to that addres and the only address so far that DOES get any spam is one to which I had spam mail that I rather stupidly clicked on the 'please do NOT send any more mails 'thing ( I did not know in those days NOT to do that!!!)

I , if I need to, can speak to someone who is in the UK ; I am . so far, pleased with the service ; all mail via OE HAS to be authenticated;they do also have an on line thingi which shows you step by step how to set up mail IN oe ; I pay monthly ; so far problems.......

  SURVEY 15:01 10 Jun 2007

p;3 - thanks for your posting. Looks as if I may well be migrating to BT then. I did a search in the forums and found many instances of people moaning about BT but I guess one is going to get that with all ISP's. Some said that BT is as bad as the rest because it is split into divisions that do not communicate with each other. However I would have thought that an outside ISP may eventually have to deal with a department of BT and therefore a sister department is more likely to achieve more satisfactory and quicker results. Just hope BT is better than the rest.

  Dipso 22:00 10 Jun 2007

Maybe you've made your mind up but amonra had the right idea, migrating to an ISP with a 1 month contract and UK based support. A mate of mine is with Newnwt and I they were on my shortlist. There's no reason why you couldn't try a few of these 1 month contract providers, IDNet, ADSL24, Zen for example and decide which you preferred or if you weren't happy you could still go with BT without incurring any charges.

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