Orange - Is it me???

  STREETWORK 21:34 08 Oct 2010

Orange called me tonight to offer a better package than what I already have with them and another 18 month contract...

I told tham that the current package I have if pretty useless due to line drop outs, disconnections, useless technical support and very slow speed as well as a lack of second phone line which has never worked.

I am waiting for my contract to end and then switch.

The lady from orange agreed with me that the service was not very good so I asked for the cost difference between the new offer and my current one to be refunded to me as she did agree that I am actually paying for a second line which has never worked.

Will I get a call back and a refund?

  RobCharles1981 23:30 08 Oct 2010

Why don't get the Mac Code And Run you've already answered your questions along the lines of not good service ect....

Any LLU Providers in your exchange at the moment???

They practically all try to get you to sign up for a new 12/18/24 month contract near the end of the current one.

  KremmenUK 07:03 09 Oct 2010

Also, be wary of their latest texts.

I am on their standard PAYG package and due to always having a normal telephone to hand I don't use my mobile much for outgoing calls.

The latest texts indicate that you are on an obsolete package and you should select one of their new 'animal' packages.

If like me you are a light user then beware - these new animal packages are a mandatory £10 a month topup.

My average topup is only £20 a year. Being unable to get customer services to answer the phone I popped into an Orange shop who said it was OK to do nothing.

  STREETWORK 08:27 09 Oct 2010

It's not that easy to change providers where my business relys on established contacts. Its easy to change, Orange are on LLU in my area.

The meat is that I was surprised at the ladies comments.

I'll let you know if they refund me...

  morddwyd 09:34 09 Oct 2010

No, it isn't just you.

I dropped Orange a year ago for the very same reasons.

As for "special offers" when will ISPs realise that cheap poor service is still poor service, and very few of us migrate, I suspect, simply because of price?

  amateur geek 13:30 10 Oct 2010

I dropped Orange a couple of years ago after horrendous experience with their customer service. Would never go back. The truly horrific thing abou their customer service is that it would be dead easy to sort out - if only they actually wanted to. That they don't sort it is testimony in itself to their commitment.

  murntine 08:58 14 Oct 2010

The call yuo've had was just an attempt to conduct some kind of customer relation and marketing policy. Looks pathetic though. Hard to say about the refund, the lady you spoke to was abviously a clerk. You should come over to their office and and write a refund application or smth.

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