Orange Homestarter plan & other ISP's

  gazmix 15:58 27 Nov 2007

I was on Orange Anytime Dial-Up at £14.99 a month until i moved to where i am now.

I, last week upgraded to Orange Homestarter at £12.99 which includes up to 2meg of broadband, free evening & weekend calls to landlines etc!

This phone cannot dial out to premium rate numbers & so therefore i can't get technical support as it's a 50p a min number & the owner, won't allow it! They also tell me there's no 14 day trial! is this correct!, should there be a trial time after my broadband gets activated!

Do most ISP's charge for tech support & even customer service is national rate!

I hear about various ISP's charging up to £30 a month , but is that for higher meg's & unlimited downloads! I'm only wanting my pc for email, internet & downloading the odd tune, so i'm not interested in more.

Is the £12.99 a good deal & whatabout the tech support & no trial which i thought i may have with the option to cancel!



  spuds 16:34 27 Nov 2007

I know nothing about the Orange packages, but at £12.99 seems to be slightly cheaper than other ISP's, and is perhaps a good selection, without looking into it further.

Most ISP'S use premium lines for technical support and some even use higher rate lines for basic customer care, the only exception usually is for first time customer sales, then you may find the 0800 numbers are available.

Email support is usually free, but end results can vary, depending on ISP.

ISP's charges are based on what they think the customer will pay. Some packages are solely based on the domestic market while others are based on business use, and may cost an whole lot more.

Regarding a trial, you should have looked into this before having the service. Some ISP's allow trials others do not. Those that do not, will usually tie you to a fixed contract time. Those providing a trial, usually allow customers to cancel within a set period. For instance Talk Talk allow 30 days cancellation at the moment. Other ISP's may provide a monthly contract, which will let you cancel at the end of each month if you so wish. It is best to check the terms and conditions of any package, before you agree to accept a service.

Remember, nothing is for free, especially were ISP's are concerned.

  gazmix 16:55 27 Nov 2007

Hi & thanks, i guess as i was with them before & upgraded & it seemed cheap at the price for what i need my pc for, is what i saw! I'm guessing it's a good deal for what i need it for, just am worried about the tech advice thing!

A friend said it was within my consumer rights to have a money back time if i wasn't happy, but i guess it's too late now as i've spoken to the bloke at Orange & he's putting a marker on the phone line, accepted my payment method & sending me out my modem etc!

When on dial-up, i could call Sustomer Support & get a password for 'non premium rate tech suppport', with BB i can't!!, i guess thats a thankyou for upgrading & paying less with BB than dial-up!!

Why is it that when you talk to 1 person at these companys & then someone else, they say completely different things, it so infuriates me!
One person at C/Support was real friendly & said that there's always someone around with tech knowledge so you'l be fine, another said, contact BT & allow your phone premium rate calls & repeated himself 4 times!!grrr

  gazmix 20:28 27 Nov 2007

So now they tell me my email has changed, but its only to logon to BB, i never knew this, they didn't tell me!
I assume i'd have known when they emailed my activation!
It was me that asked about my account & that i had to cancel my dial-up, or i'd have had 2 accounts running at once!! & paying for both!
I can keep my old email, i just need another to logon to BB!, but i guess thats for helproom if i need it.

  gazmix 16:17 29 Nov 2007

Is it normal for most technical support numbers with ISP's to be premium rate numbers. If i was on dial-up, it would be a national rate or if i was Orange's HomeMax, it would be national.
Is it because, maybe that as i'm only paying £12 for Homestarter plan that includes free local calls on evenings & weekends they think they'l charge more for calling them.
Customer Support, when i call them, some are nice, & say they'l find someone to advise me & others just are abrupt & tell me to sort my phone out!
The phone isn't mine & the owner doesn't want to enable premium numbers!

Is there an Independent Tech support for pc owners, or am i just paying for not paying much initially!


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