Orange Homestarter issue! Help needed please!

  gazmix 22:23 22 Apr 2008

Before Jan 14th i was on Orange Dial-Up.
From Jan 14th, my Orange BB Homestarter was activated, which includes free evening & weekend calls.
The calls have only just been activated due to a problem connecting my postcode to my landline number & i was still getting bills from Talk Talk.
I got 2 Goodwill months free.

I then got a letter from Talk Talk (who i pay line rental too also) saying some other company (Orange), is wanting to take over my calls.
This i was told would happen by Orange.

Orange told me that the contract with them is for calls only & i'd have to keep paying Talk Talk for my landline rental.
Talk Talk told me that if another company took over my calls, it would mean other services would be dropped by them, including 1571 & landline rental.
Again, Orange tell me that the contract with them is for calls only & they don't do landline rental.
I called Talk Talk again, & they said they can't offer just landline rental & its between me & Orange.

Does anyone have Orange Homestarter & can tell me who they pay their landline rental to?, as it's confusing & each company is saying it's the other companys issue.
The calls start on 28th April & it looks like at the moment, by then, i'll not have a landline to call on.

Any help appreciated


  Woolwell 22:34 22 Apr 2008

This page makes it quite clear click here

Under Home Starter you have to pay the line rental this would normally be to BT. If you don't want to pay line rental to another company other than Orange then you will need their Home Max package which includes line rental. You need to contact Orange broadband and change your package or get BT to supply the landline.

  Woolwell 22:36 22 Apr 2008

Ps Suspect that if you haven't got a landline then as well as no calls you will also lose your broadband. You'll have to move quickly to sort this out.

  gazmix 23:07 22 Apr 2008

Hi & thanks Woolwell
Yeh, i know that Orange are correct what they say, but it's Talk Talk that, for some reason won't just lent me rent the landline from them.

When i went to TT, i was still paying BT for landline, then switched as TT was cheaper, but in end it wasn't much cheaper, it just looked it cos they offered free 1571 etc.

Do BT offer just Landline rental without calls etc. If not, i'm bu*gered as i'll not have anyone to get a landline from!!
Where do other Homestarter users get their Landline from?

How long does it take to switch landline providers, i only got 6 days??


  gazmix 00:04 23 Apr 2008

also, hope i don't have to be initially with BT, who may offer just landline. TT don't seem to want to just offer landline with no call plan & BT either going by their website.
BT seem to only offer 'unlimited weekend plan' at £10.50 per month, but would still have to pay weekday evening at 1.5p min & weekday costs at 4p min, which would be stupid to have to pay both Orange & BT for calls together.
Help appreciated asap :)


  Woolwell 10:49 23 Apr 2008

Read this:

click here

  gazmix 11:53 23 Apr 2008

Thanks i'll read later.
TT were due to cancel my contract on 28th as instructed by Orange that they are going to take over my calls.

TT don't rent just line.
BT do, but it takes 10 working days.

I can't afford to be offline until then & orange can't stop the go ahead of my connection on 28th.

What they can do is put me on 'ORANGE BB PLUS', has anyone heard of it! This is £9.99 a month without calls & stops the phone connection (only way). Then, when connected to BT, i can call back & be put back on Homestarter.

All very copmplicated, talked to 4 Orange customer service people, all with conflicting advice.
This package include livebox that i don't need to use as i don't want BB to be affected, thats ok. No email changes etc.

Can't find any info on BBplus by orange. Does anyone know about this & why TT can't just transfer to BT or give me a landline rental only.

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